New Gold Bangles Design Collection – Indian / Pakistani Bangles Designs

30 Mar

Dear Reader,

Having gold bangles is dream of every girl in the Asian (Indian/Pakistani) culture. Gold Bangles are sometime created in halfway cut sides or sometime by no hallow designs. In this e-book we have compiled all the new latest gold bangles designs collections for our visitors. These designs start from N42 to N500. We have also tried our best to collect every latest golden bangles designs. Here is the link to view the latest Gold design collection of the bangles.

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Improve Your Eyesight – Eyes Health Tips For Better Vision

20 Mar

Diabetics is the third major cause of increased death rate in Pakistan. Diabetics is the also major cause of vision loss. This loss in vision occurs due to the fatigue and weakness of eyes cell. Hypertension is also major cause of vision loss. Hypertension increase pressure of eye (Intra Ocular Pressure) that disturbs visions. As you read in the previous articles about Diabetics of LearnPakistan.Com that fasting blood sugar should be 80MG/dL to 140MG/dL and Random blood pressure should be 100MG/dL to 160MG/dL.

Managing blood glucose level can be helpful for the diabetic’s patients to improve vision in the diabetic’s patients. If patient is able to manage his/her blood glucose level then it is possible to see improvement in the vision.

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Health Benefits Of Figs – Anjeer K Faide – Blood Pressure Treatment

17 Mar

Fig (Anjeer) is the natural fruit that is used as the support for cure and good for respiratory system. It may treat many of the respiratory problems like ashtama, cough, and sometime it is used to treat cardiac ashthmia.

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Weigh Loss – Food for weight loss quickly with Diet Plan

13 Mar

Increased weight in the age of 18-40 is the biggest health problem in Pakistan. There is no holy grail type of e-book or formula or diet that help you to reduce weight. All you need is to control your emotions. Today at learnpakistan dot com we will explore some of the best diet tips to reduce weight easily in the weeks.

Fiber is your friend:

               Remember fiber in the cereals (like chanay ki daal, Karachi daal) reduces cholesterol in the body. Add cereals (daal) a part of your daily diet to reduce weight effectively. But make sure that these are not over-cocked. Over heating the cereals (Daal) reduce the taste and nutrition.

               It seems very obvious that most people may eat more than you but remain healthy and their weight is under control. This is just because of their metabolism rate. However if you understand your body and learn how to feed yourself to reduce weight will not only decrease your weight but will also reduce the chances of heart attack, diabetics, arthritis (yes, if you are overweight then you will get arthritis too early than a person with controlled diet and weight).

Weight Loss Diet Plan:


               Don’t think like this that if I eat this or that it will increase my weight. Always eat according to body requirement when you get signal to eat you should eat. You are human and human eat it is normal. But only thing you should consider is this that when you feel full STOP EATING. Don’t eat to finish the plate. Don’t eat for friend’s company. Just eat to cover up the hunger. Don’t eat to make yourself full.

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Institute Information: Govt. College for Elementary Teachers (W), Islamabad

07 Jan

Govt. College for Elementary Teachers (W), Islamabad

Govt. College for Elementary Teachers (W), Islamabad was established as normal School in 1964. In the beginning different building in Satellite Town (Rwp) were hired for the institution.

After seventeen years of excellent performance it become an exemplary institution and was given the name of “Govt. College for Elementary Teachers”. It was shifted to be present building in May, 1982 which has been constructed by the cooperation of the World Bank. It is well equipped with the advance technology of teaching.

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Contact Information: Federal College of Education, Islamabad

07 Jan

Federal Collage of Education (FCE) is a center of excellence with a mandate to cater the needs of Pre-service as well as in-service teachers, sharpening their sensibilities and assisting them in furthering their professional acumen.

Facilities at Federal Collage of Education

Class Rooms                                                    14

Admin Block                                                   01

Faculty Block                                                  01

Central Library                                             01   (More than18000 Books)

Hostels                                                             05   (Male 02 &Female 03)

Transport                                                       05   (Buses)

Dispensary                                                     01

Canteen                                                           01

Training Resource Center                         02

Conference Rooms                                       01

Staff Residences                                           08   (Quarters)

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Shahbaz Sharif Picture In CorelDRAW Format (HD Picture of Mian Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif)

30 Dec

Update: Shahbaz Sharif Announced Liver Transplant Hospital For Infants in Punjab.

Source: (Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif Official Page)



Mian Shahbaz Sharif is born on September 23, 1951. He is a chief minister of Punjab Province of Pakistan. Most of people in Pakistan know him as a reformer due the fact that he has changed the shape of Punjab and developed it according to modern standards.

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Step By Step All Details Guide How To Apply For Prime Minister Youth Loan Scheme

11 Dec

What is Prime Minister Youth Loan Scheme?

The (PMYLP) Prime Minister Youth Loan Programme has officially announced at 5-Dec-2013 and officially started across the country on 9 December 2013. Millions of youths will be able to get loan at National Bank of Pakistan (NBP), Small business Loans will focus on (but will not be restricted to unemployed youth, especially educated youth looking for establishing or extending business enterprises. All Men/Women holding CNIC, aged between 21 and 45 years

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Forex Trading In Pakistan – Learn Forex Trading -1

15 Nov

Today, On the day of Friday, We are starting the trading course for the Pakistani user for the Forex learning.

A New Opportunity:

A unique learning and earning opportunity for those who want to invest 1,00,000 (One Lakh) and want to earn easily 10,000 PKR (Pakistani Rupees) via Forex market trading.

Understanding Forex Currency Market:

Currency pairs are the fundamentals of the Forex markets. The Forex market is composed of the foreign currency pairs. All the currencies are traded in pair. The Forex trading in Pakistan is also done in the currency pairs too.

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Ribbon Lace Fabric Designs For Ribbon Boutique Suits

24 Aug

Ribbon has been used from years for straight lining designs in the laces. Ribbon flowers, Ribbon Lace, Ribbon strips are new things in the market. Common ribbon lace designs are

  • Ribbon Frills
  • Ribbon Lace with bias tape
  • Ribbon Flowers
  • Ribbon dotted lace
  • Ribbon Embroidery

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Dalbergia Sissoo In Urdu – Dalbergia Sissoo Meanings In Urdu

11 Aug

Dalbergia Sissoo In Urdu:

Dalbergia Sissoo Word Meaning In Urdu is “Sheesham” Or “Bruda-E-Sheesham”. In the urban cities of many Asian countries is called “Taali”.

Dalbergia Sissoo Availability:

It is the state tree of Punjab state (India) and the provincial tree of Punjab province (Pakistan).

Dalbergia Sissoo Health Benefits: (Sheesham kay Faiday)

Dalbergia Sissoo Juice from the Dalbergia Sissoo leaves is mixed with honey to relieve pain in the eyes

Dalbergia Sissoo has very good properties for the heartburn, then 10-15 millilitres of the juice will give instant relief when drunk.

Dalbergia Sissoo bark of the Shisham tree to remove dark patches on the skin and to lighten their skin colour.

Dalbergia Sissoo bark is used for treatment for acne.


Nymphaea Lotus In Urdu – Nymphaea Lotus Meaning In Urdu

11 Aug

Nymphaea Lotus In Urdu

Nymphaea Lotus meanings in Urdu are “Gul Nealofur”.

Nymphaea Lotus Availability:

Gul Nelofur Nymphaea lotus (zenkeri) forms many underwater leaves. If you don’t want floating leaves, prune the roots and leaves.

Nymphaea Lotus Uses:

Nymphaea Lotus is used solitary plant for large aquariums.

Nymphaea Lotus Health Benefits:

Nymphaea Lotus health benefits are yet are unknown.


Sphaeranthus Indicus In Urdu – Meanings Of Sphaeranthus Indicus

09 Aug

Sphaeranthus Indicus Uses:

Sphaeranthus Indicus has shown efficacy in controlling Blood Glucose Three times, with two of these studies showing similar potency to Glibenclamide (a reference drug used in the treatment of type II diabetes). One study that was in vitro on cancer cell lines noted astonishing anti-proliferative effects in the range of 80-100% inhibition, which competed with many reference drugs used in cancer therapy.

Sphaeranthus Indicus and Weight Loss:

A dual plant extract has been studied based on its ability to simultaneously inhibit adipogenesis (fat storage) and enhance lipolysis (fat breakdown and release).

  • Sphaeranthus indicus flower (S. indicus) Reduce Weight Gain**
  • Mangosteen fruit (Garcinia mangostana) enhance Fat Breakdown** and used to combat diabetes and obesity

** These Results based on initial analyses of unpublished research data.

Sphaeranthus Indicus Name In Urdu (Hindi):

Sphaeranthus Indicus Meanings In Sanskrit: Mahamundi, Mundi, Hapus,
Sphaeranthus Indicus Meanings In Hindi, Bengali, Marathi & Guajarati: Mundi, Gorkhmundi,
Sphaeranthus Indicus Meanings In Telugu: Boddatarupa, Boddasoramu
Sphaeranthus Indicus Meanings In Tamil: Kottak Aranthai
Sphaeranthus Indicus Meanings In Malyali: Mirangani
Sphaeranthus Indicus Meanings In Riya: Murisa, Bokashungi
Sphaeranthus Indicus Meanings In Punjabi: Ghundi, Khamadrus
Sphaeranthus Indicus Meanings In Santal: Belaunja
Sphaeranthus Indicus Meanings In Undari: Mundi
Sphaeranthus Indicus Meanings In Urdu : Gul Mundi Or Gul Mandi


Sphaeranthus Indicus Dosage:

an estimated human dose is:

  • 2,200mg for a 150lb person
  • 2,900mg for a 200lb person
  • 3,600mg for a 250lb person


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Smilax China Powder In Urdu

09 Aug

Smilax China Powder In Urdu

Smilax China Powder is called “Choob Cheeni” In Urdu. Smilax China Powder (Urdu Meaning Choob Cheeni) is used for the treatment in the Leucorrhoea.

How to use Smilax China Powder for treatment in the Leucorrhoea

Make a paste using smilax china powder and milk and apply it over the genital areas for better results, use twice daily.

How to use Smilax China Powder for treatment in the Leucorrhoea

  1. Smilax China Powder is used in dyspepsia, flatulence, colic, constipation and helminthiasis.
  2. Smilax China Powder is useful in skin diseases, leprosy and psoriasis.
  3. Smilax China Powder is prescribed by herbal physicians in treatment of fever, epilepsy, insanity and neuralgia.
  4. Smilax China Powder cures syphilis, strangury, seminal weakness and general debility. Detoxifies organs, cleanses blood, aids absorption and kills bacteria.

Cassia Angustifolia In Urdu

09 Aug

Urdu Meaning of Cassia Angustifolia is Sana Maki

Botanical name of Cassia Angustifolia: cassia angustifolia vahl ,
French : folioles de sene ,
Hindi Name of  Cassia Angustifolia: sana ,
Urdu Meaning of Cassia Angustifolia : Sana Makki ,
English : Senna ,
English : senna leaf ,
German : stennesolatter. ,
Urdu Word for Cassia Angustifolia : سنا مکی


Cassia Angustifolia Benefits In (Sana Maki K Fawaid)

Cassia Angustifolia stimulates liver for proper secretion of enzymes in the body.
Cassia Angustifolia helps in lowering bowels and increasing the peristaltic movement of the intestines.
Cassia Angustifolia purifies blood and reestablishes the metabolic imbalance lost due to indigestion.
Cassia Angustifolia is used as an expectorant, wound dresser, antidysentric, carminative and laxative.

Blood Purification and Cassia Angustifolia

Cassia Angustifolia is the active ingredient in the Hamdard Safi Product.

Hamdard Safi is the blood purifier and removes Acne.


GPO Lace Designs – Get Latest GPO Lace Designs

30 Jul

GPO Lace Designs

GPO Shuttle Lace Design Header GPO Lace Designs   Get Latest GPO Lace Designs

GPO Lace Designs

GPO lace has been used since 1983 for designing the Asian dresses. The Pakistani and Indian market is full of GPO laces with different varieties of GPO Lace. The common name for the GPO lace in the Shuttle Lace.

The shuttle GPO lace has the following sizes.

  • 0 – GPO lace Zero Size
  • 1 – GPO lace Inch Size (Mostly sold in the under developing countries due to price bonanza)
  • 2 – GPO lace Two Inch Size (This size has the limited variety as it stands in between 1 and three)
  • 3 – GPO lace Three Inch Size (This size is used as the “Latkan Lace”)
  • 5 – GPO lace Five Inch Size (This size is used to extend the length of the short suits)

GPO Lace Manufacturers


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Wasim Akram’s New Wife Shaniera Thompson Pictures

09 Jul

Wasim Akram (The Pakistani paceman) is engaged to marry Melbourne woman Shaniera Thompson. The famed left-arm bowler, 47, proposed on bended knee in their lounge room to Shaniera Thompson, 30.

“It was the romantic moment of my life because it was so genuine,” she said.

 A former public relations consultant from Brighton, Shaniera Thompson has converted to Islam, and will call Pakistan home. She said Akram was nervous about proposing in the traditional way.

“He was really sweet about it.

He asked me what my dream proposal would be and I said I’m not the type of woman that likes a big scene. I would want it to be at home or somewhere private.

“Then I came into the lounge room and he was on his knee and asked me if I’d marry him.”

But the joyful mood was soon broken by a worried look on Shaniera Thompson’s face.

We Wish All the Best to King of Swing

Wasim Akram’s New Wife Shaniera Thompson

wasim akram new upcoming wife Shaniera Thompson Wasim Akrams New Wife Shaniera Thompson Pictures

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Mobilink New Logo Design For Business Cards Designs

09 Jul

On 15 June Mobilink has launched it new logo with new design. The previous Mobilink GSM logo has been retired and no longer in use by Mobilink.

Ali Zafar has got the honor of composing the new Mobilink tune for Mobilink. The new Mobilink tune and logo was launched on the 15 June at 6pm.

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26 Jun

PhD Supervisor Program

The key role of a PhD supervisor is to assist and support a student throughout their academic studies.

A decision to admit a student to a research programme should not be made unless a department is confident that:

  • The student is appropriately qualified.
  • A research topic suitable for that student’s abilities and background is available.
  • The necessary facilities (e.g. com puting, laboratory) can be provided.
  • Proper supervision can be given for the expected duration of the programme.

The approved PhD supervisor curriculum was initially started by the University Grant Commission. Eventually, Pakistan Council for Science and Technology (PCST) became principal agency responsible for evaluating and approving faculty and researchers as PhD supervisor. However, PCST’s emphasis was only on the discipline of Science and Technology. It was in February 2004 when the whole program was taken over by Higher Education Commission. The HEC Approved PhD Supervisor is the requirement for those scholars who have been awarded HEC scholarships.

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Why is There Load Shedding in Pakistan

25 Jun

Why is There Load Shedding in Pakistan:

Electricity Load shedding is the major crisis that Pakistani nation is facing now a days. Student, Business owners, doctors, engineers and teachers are suffering with disturbed lifestyle due to load shedding.

What is Load Shedding?

When demand for electricity exceeds the generated electricity the authorities has to black-out out the power to overcome the loss of the voltage.

What Causes Load Shedding?

There are many factors behind electric load shedding in Pakistan.

These factors include ,

  • Shortage in river waters
  • Over population
  • New connections
  • Electric supply to villages.
  • Low generation of electricity
  • Fewer dams
  • Power theft
  • Line losses etc.

The   load  shedding   is  the  result of corruption,  inefficiency, mismanagement and defective planning in WAPDA besides incomplete projects like Kala Bagh Dam. The major reason that contributes to electricity load shedding in Pakistan is the Power theft.

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Homemade Face Whitening Cream – Make Your Own Beauty Cream Easily

12 Jun

Today, Pakistani market is full of various varieties of beauty creams. These all whitening and face beauty creams claim to be the best beauty creams at their own. Some common names are

  • Golden Pearl Beauty Cream
  • Faiza Beauty Cream
  • Face Fresh Beauty Cream
  • HoorPari Beauty Cream
  • Dove Beauty Cream
  • Royal Beauty Cream
  • Sandal Beauty Cream

Today, LearnPakistan’s Beauty Expert Miss Zobia will tell you how you can make your own beauty cream in your home that will make you skin white and effective. I am hopefull that you will forget all the beauty creams like

  • Golden Pearl Beauty Cream

  • Faiza Beauty Cream

  • Face Fresh Beauty Cream

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Blood Sugar Screening Tests / Blood Sugar Monitoring Tests

28 May

Diabetes is second largest disease that causes death in the developing countries like Pakistan, India and Asia pacific. Screening Tests are performed to for the screening for diabetes. The patients that don’t have any symptoms of diabetes can be easily diagnosed by these screening tests for diabetes.

Blood Sugar Screening Tests:

Random Blood Sugar Test:

The random blood sugar test is the part of the regular body check up. No matter when you took the last meal this test determines the amount of sugar present in the blood. The level above than 200mg/dL (11mmol/L) confirms that the person is diabetic.

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Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Causes, Management, Diabetes Diet Chart By Dr. Farhan

16 May

Health Tips for Diabetic Patients by Dr. Farhan

Diabetes Mellitus:

Diabetes is a serious health condition in which your body can not control the amount of glucose. As you may know glucose is the important source of energy in human body. Everything you eat or drink is changed into sugar/glucose and then absorbed in the blood. This glucose then circulates via blood and used for energy production. When your body can not tolerate the sugar accordingly then level of blood sugar increases automatically.

Blood sugar level depends on two factors:

  • How your body produces insulin
  • How your body utilizes the insulin

Insulin is the hormone that helps your body to absorb sugar. Insulin regulates the sugar level to the normal level.

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How to write the best article: Article Writing Tips Continued

25 Apr

I hope you have enjoyed the previous article about the article writing tips. The article writing is something that comes from your inner. Always listen to yourself and you will love to learn and write. It is something that can be achieved by practicing the same practices again and again. When you have a lot of vacubulary then you will have the words flowing in your mind. You will be able to write the user engaging articles with catchy slogans easily.  Now I continue from the tip No 7.

Article Writing Tip No 7 – Be Professional

Grab all your tools together, yellow pad, writing pencil and whatever you like to have. Take your time to write the article. There is no need to hurry, you master piece will take some time to be accomplished. If you are being frustrated then you should write down the outline of the article, then summarize it in your own words.

Article Writing Tip No 8 – Avoid Copy / Paste

Professional article writers always avoid copy / paste. They have good vocabulary and flow in the mind to create their masterpiece articles in flush of time. They don’t like to take someone’s article and do copy paste. They love the real work and search engines love the real content not the copy paste.

Article Writing Tip No 9 – Be a Good Story Teller

It is in best practices to tell a story to your readers. This will engage your readers inside the article and help them to understand that you are going to say in the article. Make sure that you create logical path to your point in the story. Readers love to be surprised in the article reading.

Article Writing Tip No 10 – Follow the Article Outline

  • Introduction: Introduction the topic
  • Body: Your Article Body (The Real Content)
  • Conclusion: Round off your article. Try ending with a catchy phrase!
  • Resources: Useful Resources for your readers.
  • Resource box: Your Introduction

I hope you like this article about the article writing tips. Remember never same something for your next article. Consider every article of yourself the last article, so, write with passion. Believe me you will be able to write articles in fractions of time.


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How to write the best article: Article Writing Tips

24 Apr

Everyone love writing the comprehensive article but some of professional writer only knows how to write and when to write. You can be a professional content writer if you follow these simple article writing tips.

Article Writing Tip No 1 – Start from Starch

When you are in mood of article writing start from starch, then muster up your mind and focus on something that is worth to write. You can be a professional writer if you can control your mind. A best article writer is the person who knows about the mind of the article reader and knows how to imprint the reader’s mind with his words.

Article Writing Tip No 2 – Research, Research and a Lot of Knowledge

Grip on your niche/topic makes you a professional write. Make sure that you have the extensive knowledge about the topic you are writing about. If you don’t know about the medical then you should not try to write about the medical (Save this niche for the doctors). Let’s say if you a gardening expert at your home, you can easily write about home gardening not about the plant genetics.

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HP 1000 Shahbaz Sharif HP Laptop Driver Download

22 Apr

HP 1000 is the laptop offered by Mian Shahbaz Sharif.

The HP laptop is i3 based laptop, that is versatile and user friendly.


HP 1000 Shahbaz Sharif HP Laptop Driver Download

HP 1000 Shahbaz Sharif HP Laptop Graphics Driver 

SP56671Graphics Driver window7
(Zip File)

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MECPO / MEPCO Multan Jobs April 2013 – Apply Now

18 Apr

MEPCO is the biggest company of PEPCO. The charter of MEPCO is to provide the reliability, quality and safety of electric power supply to the consumers in its jurisdiction. MEPCO is envisaged for the creation of the resources and engineering plans for addition, renovation and augmentation of the distribution systems.

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What is Menstruation (Haiz, Mahwari, Periods, Kapray Ana), Bacha Kaisay Paida Hota Hai

17 Apr

Nature has blessed women with the power of production and transferring genetic properties from generation to generation. The menstrual cycle is known with many names like menses, mahwari, haiz and phool ana, khoon ana and like kapray ana.

Menstruation Cycle:

Menstruation is a process that starts from the early adultery of female. in Asian countries the first menstruation in female starts from the age of 13-14 years. The first menstruation is always unexpected and the girls are a little bit worried about this some even cry as the first menstruation occurs with pain. Some doctors advice pain killers medicine to make first menstruation velvety.

Second menstruation Timing:

Second menstruation is always late in some girls. Girls should not about this, it is always natural. In adultery menstruation does not have a time table. In the early adultery girls have menstruation with different periods, mostly this period occurs at the 28 days interval (21-25 days are also considered normal). This period varies from age to age. Consult with doctor if it varies too much like if this period prolongs to months. Consulting doctor will help you to know any complication (if it exists) at early stage.

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Find the Life Partner In Pakistan, How to Get Pregnant Quickly, Pregnancy Details and Information

08 Apr

Finding the Correct Life Partner:

Finding the correct life partner is the major decision that every human of every society face. This decision is too personal. Our religion Islam provides full independence and rights to choose the life partner to both (male and female). Some social factors do not allow (male and female) to fully understand each other their marriage life remains in the problem. Sometimes the bride and groom do not accept each other fully and for this reason their whole life remains tense and problematic. The lack of personal understanding leads to many psychiatry diseases and leads to depression. This depression then leads to cardiac problem, high blood pressure (hypertension), Stress and peptic ulcer etc.

Secondly, the kids are mostly disturbed. They are fully aware of the environment of the home and for this reason they also suffer with psychiatric disorders. They get some feeling like to be away from home and that’s why their parents are unable to control them.

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What is Fiber and Benefits of Fiber Rich Diet Know Your Fiber In Food

05 Apr

What is Fiber and Benefits of Fiber Rich Diet:

Fiber is a type of carbohydrates that is present in the cell walls of all plants. Fiber has two types.

Dietary Fiber: Fiber Rich Diet

Dietary fiber is available in wall of plants. Dietary fiber helps to reduce type 2 diabetics. fiber intake makes human cells more sensitive to insulin. insulin is a hormone that helps cells to utilize sugar glucose and results in producing energy for the daily human activities. It is proved that fiber rich foods helps to regulate sugar levels.

How to control Cholesterol with high fiber diet:

There are two types of cholesterol (LDL Cholesterol – Bad Cholesterol) and (HDL Cholesterol – Good Cholesterol). Human body produces both types of cholesterol and fiber rich diet reduces the level of Bad cholesterol the LDL cholesterol. This results in lesser blockage of arteries and reduced heart disease risk.

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