standard An Unsolicited Cover Letter For The Job Of A Labour Welfare Officer

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Messrs. Karachi Steel Works Ltd., Karachi-49.

Dear Sir,

Re: Post of a Labour Welfare Officer

Attracted by the future prospects and reputation I feel constrained to apply For The Job of Labour Welfare Officer in your renowned industrial concern. With a sizeable experience and the requisite qualifications, I hope that I shall be able to render a great service to your esteemed industrial concern. My tact and shrewdness in tackling labour problems and maintaining peace for the sake of accelerating the pace of industrial production, become assets for me and for the concern where I work.

A graduate of the Karachi University as I have been, 1 worked in the Lahore Steels Ltd., for a period of seven years, which by itself is a big period. My record shows Thai I had successfully tackled all the problems pertinent thereto and this record of ceaseless service has enabled to achieve the much-needed experience in these days when labour unrest is rampant in the country.


Unsolicited Cover Letter

I am a young man of 25 years possessing an amiable merriment and a robust and good physique.

1 hope and trust that in view of ray above contentions you ill be kind enough to grant an interview and appoint me in the capacity of a Labour Welfare Officer. I may assure you, sir, that if, in the interest of your spiraling business, you appoint me as such, I shall be able to handle all the labour problems that have been in evidence all over the country of te vis a-vis your esteemed industrial concern.

People of such a big experience are required by every good Concern that wishes to accelerate its pace of production through consistent maintenance of peace within the precincts of the industrial enterprise.

Hoping to receive a favourable response,

Yours faithfully,


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