standard Application For The Job Of A Cashier In A School (Solicited), How to Apply for the Job of Cashier

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Wanted: A Cashier to work in our school: five years experience in a similar capacity an additional qualifi¬cation: must be a B. Com., salary Rs, 6500/- per month (consolidated).

Apply Post Box: 231, Lahore.


Application For The Job Of A Cashier In A School (Solicited)


Dear Sir,

In response to your Advertisement published in (he Statesman dated July 30, 2012 For the Job of a Cashier, I hereby offer my services for the said situation.

A first class B. Com., as I am, I have got an experience to more than 5 years with a reputed firm of Delhi. But that firm has wound up its business and I am quite free now. I have to look after a big family and am the only earning member.


I can maintain the accounts and handle all such affairs independently. I am fully conversant with the work of a Cashier as such. Furthermore, I know stenography; I know Hindi, Bengali and English languages.

I am a young man of 24 years and possess the will to work. I am a hardworking person. I may hereby give an assurance that if given a chance; I will try to give entire satisfaction to you with my performance.

Hoping to be favored with an early chance.

Yours faithfully,

Azeem Khan

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