standard Application For The Job Of A Cashier, Learn How to Write an Application for the Post of the Cashier

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How to Write an Application for the Job of the Cashier

The Manager,

Service Shoes House, Anarkali Bazar

Dear Sir,

Having come to know through a reliable source that you require the services of a Cashier, I offer myself for the said post.

I am a first class B. Com., of the B.Z.U University. After that 1 got a job with a local firm, but on account of father’s transfer to Delhi, we have shifted to this place.


I am a Young man of 22 years with a good health and an excellent moral character. I worked with an English firm as a Cashier for a period of three years. I have been working independently and maintaining accounts. Moreover, I know -type-writing arid am fully acquainted with (he duties of a cashier, lean speak English, Hindi and Punjabi fluently. I may assure you that I shall be able to do my duty very satisfactorily and efficiently,

Regarding my salary I am ready to accept any suitable grade offered to me which should not be less than what is given to the cashiers in good firms.

I am sure you will treat my case sympathetically because I have to help my father who gets a very low pay-scale as a clerk.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Kausar Kareem

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