standard Application Format For A Job Reply Letter: Job Application Reply In The Affirmative and Negative

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An applicant should be informed after the interview or after communication. Here are two sample Job Reply letter that I am sharing with you. I hope you will find these job reply letter useful. For the Interview Call Letters Read the Interview Call Letters.



Job Application Reply In The Affirmative


18th June, 20.. (Write Year)


Dear Sir,


You will be glad to learn that you have been selected For The Job of a Section Officer (Accounts) in our College in view of your extra-ordinary qualifications and experience.

You are directed to join duty before the 26th instant on any

day that suits you

Yours faithfully,

Principal, Seal


Job Application Reply In The Negative

18th June, 20.. (Write Year)


Dear Mr. Sharma.

I thank you for your communication dated 15th instant and regret to inform you that it was not possible for us to offer you a job as Section Officer (Accounts) in view of yet another incumbent having much higher qualifications and experience.

Yours faithfully,

Principal. Seal


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