standard Application Format For The Job Of An Agent – (In Response to Advertisement)

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Dear Sir,

In reply to your Advertisement published in the Statesman dated April, 6 2014 I offer my services as the agent of your concern in Pakistan. Let me state that all my business stands interspersed in this metropolitan city.

At present I have been carrying on work of various Watch Companies in Lahore and thus I have been representing these reputed firms and fetching a lot of business for them.

My personal contact with the various firms that deal in watches ranges up to 35 years and thus I possess high connections in this field.

I am fully acquainted with all the particulars concerning this trade in India and if you give me a chance to represent your firm, I may assure you that your firm will be able to expand its business within the shortest space of time.


If you somehow approve of my contentions and ask for my credentials, I will be only too glad to submit the same to you.

Thus through our mutual dealings, I am certain, your concern will be able to expand its business soon. I don’t want much from your firm by way of remuneration. Apart from the 25% commission a salary of Rs. 5000 will do. All the traveling expenses etc., will have to be paid by your firm.

We are here to introduce your watches to the customers everywhere in India. I hope you will enter the market and compete with the foreign watches thereby expanding your field and reaping maximum advantage out of the sale of these watches.

I hope you will be kind enough to grant me an interview. Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Akhtar Waheen

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