standard Application Letter Format For the Job Of Lady Secretary

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Advertisement: Wanted a Lady Secretary for Managing Director of a reputed firm knowing shorthand, typing, and secretarial work. Minimum Two years experience in a reputed firm is required.

The Advertiser,

ABC Firm,

XYZ Lane, Multan.

Dear Sir,

Having come to know through your advertisement in the Dawn Newspaper of Sunday last, I offer myself for the post of a lady secretary. As I went through the advertisement, I felt if this job was exclusively meant for me because my experience, academic achievements and other particulars conform to your requirements.

Really speaking my speed in shorthand is about 150 words per minute. Whereas in typing is 45 words per minute and it is all a flawless effort.

I am a present 24 years of age. I am a graduate of the Punjab University, having an experience of secretarial work. I obtained a diploma in the secretarial work from the Government of Pakistan about two years back. I have already been attending the refresher course conducted by the government in Multan.


I have been working for the last four years alter my graduation as a Secretary to the Managing Director of Messrs, Macmillan and Co, Ansari Road, New Multan. It is a reputed publishing firm. I am thinking of leaving the job because the prospects in your firm are far brighter now which have tempted me to apply in your firm, I hope I will be able to undertake bigger assignments in your firm.

My personal life has been eulogized by those with whom I worked. The persons who came into contact with me know of my amiable temperament and alertness. I possess a good physique and a flawless moral character.

I am sure that the firm where I have been working hereto¬fore will testify to what I have mentioned above. My agree¬able personality, smart appearance and amiability of tempera¬ment will, I am sure, prove out my dependability as a Secretary.

I am adducing a few references for ascertainment of my particulars if you so desire:—

1. M/s ABC, House # X, Block Y, XYZ.

2. M/s ABC, House # X, Block Y, XYZ.

3. M/s ABC, House # X, Block Y, XYZ.

4. M/s ABC, House # X, Block Y, XYZ.

5. M/s ABC, House # X, Block Y, XYZ.

It will be a matter of great pleasure for me to attend the interview at the time convenient to you.

Yours faithfully,


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