standard Application Template For The Post Of A Telephone-Operator-Cum-Receptionist

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Application Template

For The Post Of A Telephone-Operator-Cum-Receptionist

The Manager,

Dear Sir,

I understand from an Advertisement published in the Hindustan Times that you require the services of Telephone Operator-cum-Receptionist from June onwards. I hereby offer my services for the same post.

I am a Graduate from the Punjab University and know Hindi, Punjabi, English and Telugu very fluently. I qualified this examination in the first Division in 19… I have got a good academic record.

After passing my B.A., I served as a Telephone Operator-cum-Receptionist in Messrs Tilman and Co., Multan for a period of two years where after I left the job due to family circumstances as my brother was transferred to Orissa. But he has been transferred back now to Nagpur. I continued working in a firm in the above-said capacity.

Family compulsions have again compelled me to get a job at Nagpur, where all of us propose to settle permanently. I contacted my previous employers, but unfortunately there is no vacancy of that type, at present and someone else has been working in the same capacity.

I am a young girl of 25 years having a pleasing personality. I am enclosing herewith a copy of the testimonial issued to me by my previous employer for ready reference. Furthermore I am sending two passport size photographs (as mentioned in your Advertisement).


I may assure you that if I am given a change, I’ll do my utmost to discharge my duties satisfactorily.

I hope that you will be kind enough to do this favour to me.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,


Application Template For The Post Of A Telephone-Operator-Cum-Receptionist Without Experience


The Manager,

Messrs. Pretty Lace and Co.,


Dear Sir,

With reference to your Advertisement in the Hindustan Times of Sunday last, I beg to offer my services for the post of a Telephone Operator-cum-Receptionist in your office.

As regards my qualifications I may hereby say that 1 passed my Senior Cambridge Examination in 19.. getting a first Division, Though I don’t possess any experience in this line, yet I hope that I shall be able to do my work very well keeping in view my fluency in English and Hindi languages.

I am a young girl of 20 years having a pleasing and amiable personality.

As required by you I am sending herewith two passport size photographs for your ready reference.

I am sure, after perusal of my application, you will be kind enough to give me a chance of service.

I am keenly waiting for your reply.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,


End: Two Passport size photographs.


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