standard Ask for the Reference Letter For the Employee Working In Organization

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When you apply to the job along with best cover letter your new employer may ask for the reference letter as a proof to learn about your experience and other job details. Even if you have applied for the job your new employer may ask your current employer for the reference letter.

Demand for the Reference letter will goes like this

Sample Reference Letter Demand Letter:


Seeking Reference About The Incumbent/Serving For A Post

15th May, 20.. (Write Year)


Dear Mr. Gipsy,

Mr. Hamid, who has been working with your firm as an Accountant for the last two years, has applied for a job with our institution as a Section Officer (Accounts) and he gave a reference of your firm where he has been working.

Will you be kind enough to inform whether he has been performing his duties satisfactorily and whether he is fit for the job he has applied.


We shall appreciate if you kindly send to us a Confidential Report about your above employee at your earliest possible convenience.

Yours faithfully,

Rafiq K. Junior,

P. A. to the Principal,

Post Graduate College,


Reply To The Reference Letter Demand

20th May, 20.. (Write Year)

Dear Sir,

I am glad to inform you that Mr. Hamid has been working with our firm for the last two years during which period he has been able to render satisfactory service. His work and conduct speak volumes for his innate characteristics; His capability, personal conduct and innate equipoise are recognized on all hands. We wish him success in life. He has applied with your institution as we couldn’t offer him a better post.

Yours faithfully,



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