standard Cover Letter For The Job Of A Dental Assistant Surgeon

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20.. (Write Year) Secretary to Government of Punjab,

Health and Family Welfare Department,

Punjab Government,


Dear sir,

Re: Post of a Dental Assistant Surgeon

Please refer to your Advertisement in the Karachi Express dated 4th Jan, 20.. (Write Year) whereby you expressed desire to appoint a Dental Assistant Surgeon in the Family Welfare Centre, Multan. I hereby apply for the said post.

As regards my qualifications and experience the details are furnished hereunder:

1. I qualified my B.D.S. Examination from the Karachi University in 20.. (Write Year)


2. I started my own practice in a town of the Punjab state, but my practice could not flourish on account of the small population of the area and the exclusive nature of my job.

3. That I worked for one year with Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Karachi as an Assistant Surgeon (Dentist) and thereby gained much practical experience.

With rich and varied experience of my job, I hereby approach you to kindly consider my case. I am still hardly 32 years of age and possess an excellent physique.

I hope that my case will receive proper consideration.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

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