standard Cover Letter For The Job Of A Public Health Nurse (Solicited)

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The Director,

Tuberculosis Centre,


Re: Post of a Public Health Nurse.

Dear Sir,

Having come to know through your Advertisement published recently in the Daily Times, dated April 24, 2012 For The Job of a Public Health Nurse in your Centre, I beg to offer my services for the said post.

As regards my qualifications and experience I beg to say that I have got a Diploma of Health Visitor and have been working as A Grade Nurse possessing an experience of 7 years in the Nishtar Hospital, Multan, which is a private Nursing Home of Multan.

As I have gained considerable experience in numerous surgical operations and medicinology for. Various diseases, therefore the job in your hospital suits me very much as the scales of pay are lucrative enough to join your Tuberculosis Centre-and thus serve the patients with utmost zeal and sincerity to relieve them of the distress that they confront and thus save their lives.


Cover Letter For The Job Of A Public Health Nurse (Solicited)

I have been in the thick of this humanitarian task and have been serving sympathetically the patients in every hospital where I had a chance to serve.

I am an unmarried lady of 28 years having an old mother and two brothers to support. I possess a sound health and a good moral character. My reputation has become a sort of asset to the hospital where I work. These facts may be got testified from the Doctor-in-charge of the Multan Nursing Hospital, Karachi. The only reason why I wish to join your Centre is that the pay-scales here are comparably low and this being an entirely private nursing home, there is little security of service.

I hope that you will be kind, enough to grant me a chance of service in your Tuberculosis Centre and I may assure you, sir, that I shall spare no pains in the discharge of my duties in the Centre as such.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours faithfully,


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