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A Letter To Your Employer For Promotion

Note: Please fill in particulars in your own hand-writing. Attach a recent photograph with the Cover Letter form. Particulars:

1. Name of the applicant:

2. Father’s Name :

3. Address (Permanent):

4. Present Address:

5. Are you a member of the Scheduled Tribe (Schedule caste: No.

6. Are you a member of the political sufferer’s family No.

7. Is your Father an Ex-serviceman? No.

8. Educational Qualifications:

1. B.A. Punjab University 60% marks 1965. .

2. Intermediate Punjab University 54.2% marks 1963.

3. Matriculation : Punjab University, 1960.

9. Experience: I worked as a clerk in the Government Designing Office in the capacity of an apprentice, for a period of one year.

10. Which state do you prefer: Punjab, Karachi.

11. Any reference:


I hereby affirm that my above statement is true to the best of my knowledge and belief.


Signature of the applicant

Attach your recent photograph with this form.

A Letter To Your Employer For Promotion

You get a job and work there for a period of two years to the entire satisfaction of your employer. You are required to present your case for further promotion as promised by your employer. How are you going to approach this problem.

January 2, 20.. (Write Year)

The Manager,


Re: Promotion to the higher rank


Dear Sir,

With due respect and humble submission I beg to invite j our kind attention to the following facts for your favourable consideration and necessary action please:

1. That I was employed as a Junior Clerk in your esteemed Publishing concern on the 4ih of January, 20″ with the express promise that after the Sips of two years of probationary period. I will be elevated to the next higher rank of a full-fledged Assistant in your office.

2. That during the tenure of two years of probationary period I have been faithfully serving your concern and thereby working to the entire satisfaction of all concerned.

3. That all the miscellaneous jobs entrusted to me were satisfactorily performed by me which included typing etc., which I delightfully undertook without any demur.

4. That I have got onerous family liabilities and therefore a little of more income is necessary for me at this stage.

5. That my work and conduct, I am sure, may give you further assurance of the fact that I shall continue to render faithful service to your firm in any capacity that you think fit.

Keeping in view the above facts and circumstances 1 request you to kindly consider my case for promotion for which act of kindness I shall feel highly obliged to you.

Yours faithfully,

Cover Letter For Promotion Accepted By The Employer


Junior Clerk.

You are hereby informed that your case has been consider¬ed and you have been elevated to the next higher rank of a full-fledged Assistant with effect from the 1st of Feb. 20.. (Write Year)

I am sure you will continue to serve our firm with the greatest possible zeal and enthusiasm at your command.

The scales of pay also will accordingly be altered favour¬ably. Please pote.

Yours faithfully,

Managing Director

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