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Apply For The Job Of A Book-Keeper

Dear Sir,

Very recently a friend of mine made a reference to me about a vacancy of a Book-keeper in your office and I tried to extricate some further details from him, but did not reveal much. I, however, apply for the same job.

For the last two years I have been working as a Book-keeper in a firm and my employers may testify to the utility of my work, if they are asked to comment upon my performance. The wider range of work connected with the knowledge of the trading accounts has given me an experiential background of the line.


I am enclosing, however, a few copies of testimonials from the Principal of my erstwhile academic institution regarding my ability and conduct. If you wish to ascertain further details, you may contact my employers.

So far as the question of salary is concerned, no tentative figures can be quoted now. However on discussion this issue Q be easily sorted out

Being a Graduate with Honours (B. Com.) I may prove out to be an asset to your firm. A youth of hardly 25 with a robust health and an amiable demeanor, I deserve your very sympathetic consideration.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

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