standard Job Rejection Letter – Rejection Letter Declining a Job Offer

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Sometime, when you are not interested in doing a job offer that you have got already. Or you have some better choice of job at any other firm. You should write a polite and calm job rejection letter to your employer. You should

  • Not mention that pay is not enough
  • Not mention I have some other opportunity
  • Write appreciation and something like this job suits you but you are not willing
  • Always address and name the person (mostly human resource) department that offered you job

As my previous example cover letters here are some example job rejection letter. OR letter of job denial.




Job Rejection Letter

18th June, 20.. (Write Year)

Dear Sir,
I am very glad to learn that I have been selected For The Job of a Section Officer (Accounts) in your College. But I am not available for this job anymore due to some personal reasons. However, I will be available for any other service that you offer me.

Yours faithfully,



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  1. i need a sample letter in mail format where a employer rejects its job offer to employee as he has not joined on the said date.

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