standard Post Of A Model Girl In A Firm Dealing In Sarees

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Ajmal Khan Road,


Dear Sir,

Re: Post of a Model Girl

In response to your recently published Advertisement in the Statesman For The Job of a Model Girl for your Saree Stores, I hereby apply for the same.

As regards my qualifications and experience I beg to lay down hereunder:

1. I am a Graduate of the Karachi University and possess a Diploma in furnishing and Dress Making.

2. I have been taking part in Music Festivals and Music and Dancing have been my pastimes. I got merit certificates from my College, where I took part in such extra-curricular activities.


3. Only once I had a chance to find a job of a model girl as my exterior semblance is a divine gift, though I greatly value the interior beauty of our heart. Thrice this year my photographs appeared with the advertisements of the Flora Saree Store, Karachi-1 which I am annexing herewith for ready reference.

4. I have got an experience of Sales Girl also in a big Cloth House.

Post Of A Model Girl In A Firm Dealing In Sarees

I am a young girl of 22 years being still unmarried. I may please be given a chance to join your Saree Store where I may work in various capacities and especially that of a Model Girl for which I suit the most. Hoping for an early interview.

Yours faithfully,


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