standard Show Cause Notice Letter. A Letter Of Disciplinary Action Against An Employee

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Dear Mr

It has come to my notice that you failed to complete the assignment to the satisfaction of your superiors in the office, who reported more than once, against your conduct and demeanor, which was not termed as satisfactory. A day earlier you sought a quarrel with a customer of our firm, which cannot be pardoned.

You are required to explain your conduct, after which necessary action may be taken against you.

Yours faithfully,

Reply To The Above Show Cause Notice

Dear Sir,

I am in receipt of your Show-cause Notice and beg to lay down as follows:

1. That my work and conduct, has been very satisfactory and my supervisor reported in my favour more than once.

2. That the quarrel that has been imputed to me, was quite accidental, as the customer of the firm was aggressive and be used words of an abusive nature. However I don’t retaliate at all.

I don’t think if there is any other complaint against me. I have been regular and punctual and my performance of duty accordingly is very satisfactory,

I, therefore, respectfully submit that no action should be taken against me and rather my case for further promotion may kindly be considered which has been pending in the office since long. I assure you of my utmost loyally so far as the performance of duties is concerned.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

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