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Testimonial Meaning:

A testimonial means “letter of proof for the service” testimonial meanings issued when a employe leaves a firm, university, college, or in any other organization. Most companies issues only the experience letter rather than testimonial meaning. However an employee can request to provide testimonial meaning her service.


A Testimonial Issued To An Employee When He Is Relieved

To whom it may concern

We are glad to certify that [NAME]., has been serving our firm for the last ten years i.e., from…… to…… He is a Young man whose heart is imbued with all the mental and psychological traits that endeared him amongst the other members of the staff of our firm. He has been an asset to our firm, and he, through his ceaseless endeavors and hard work, honesty and sincerity of purpose, won over many customers to our firm.

We are sorry to relieve him from his duties, as on account Of certain unavoidable circumstances, we have been constrained to curtail our business necessitating the retrenchment of our stair.


Yet Another Testimonial Letter

It gives us great pleasure to certify that [NAME],.M.Sc. (Physics) has been an asset to our educational institution. His amiable and sweet demeanor, his winsome manners, his honest and sincere performance of duties and other .qualities of head and heart left an indelible impress upon us all.


As the institution has closed its business, hence we relieved him of his job. We are pleased to recommend his case so far as teaching assignment is concerned. He can prove out his benefits wherever he works.


University Of Education


Testimonial Issued To A Clerk Of A Firm

We arc glad to certify that [NAME] has been working with our firm for a period of six months during which he endeared himself amongst the members of the staff due to his honesty, sincerity and hard work.

He is a man possessing amiable manners and an imposing personality. He is quite fit to shoulder any job, where honesty, integrity and sincerity are the determining factors.

We recommend him strongly for such an assignment in future.


University Of Education


A Testimonial Given To A Stenographer

To whom it my concern

We are glad to certify that [NAME] , B.A., B.Com., has been working with us as a Stenographer for the last two years. His work and conduct have been highly satisfactory. We recommend him strongly for any future assignment where hard work and sincerity are treated as some of the determining factors of a man’s innate caliber.
University Of Education


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