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Essay About Education:

The Central pivot of any education system of education is the teacher. In Islamic system an exemplary teacher must not be only and man/women of learning but also a man of sterling moral worth. He must be a person who teaches what he believes in. there must be no contradiction between the instruction he offers and his private beliefs.

Modern Teaching Methodology and Muslim Society:

In the context of Muslim society the teachers has to be a person deeply committed to Islam not only and worldly but also secretly, he must be a virtuous person. A man of piety who consider it his responsibility to train his pupils to be good Muslim above all, that is to say, men and women who will learn the value of the Islamic moral code, who will in their lives live in accordance with the ethic which Quran teacher, whose own conduct will be a pattern that the young can draw upon.

Islam, Prophet Muhammad and Modern Teaching Style

Al Ghazali describes in his book describe an exemplary teacher in Islam as follows the example of the prophet and seek no remuneration for teaching the students. The only reward should he/she hope for is the pleasure of Allah.

The teacher must have empathy with his students and treat them as it they where his/her own children. The teacher has greater duty than parents (father and mother) whole is responsible for the physical existence of the student while the teacher is accountable for the life to come.

The teacher should take into a account the intellectual level of the guard against the teaching of a matter that is beyond his comprehension. The prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said “People what they do not understand; it becomes a cause of evil for them”.

A teacher should never revote a fellow teacher before the student. On the contrary he should teach his subject in a way that it creates love for other subjects also.

Greatest Teacher of Mankind, Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W)

Prophet Muhammad S.A.W (PBUH) is the greatest teacher of mankind. It was due to this teacher of truth in the classroom of Arabian Desert that the immense revolution of the history came above and gave leadership to the nation of the “Bedouins” of Arabia. A Muslim teacher is basically a preacher. It is his duty to transfer Islamic beliefs, culture thought and values in a proper way to the future generations. As you may know that preaching and teaching proceed side by side in Islam.

Essay About Education:

Essay Prophet Muhammad As a Teacher:

Muhammad (P.B.U.H) to act as a perfect model for humanity had to pass through every ordeal of life. But to the amazement for all of us we find him at the height generosity forgiveness and high mindedness. In adversity he shows his patience, perseverance fortitude and full trust in Allah. In victory or in defeat in power or in adversity, in affluence or in indigence Muhammad (P.B.U.H) is unchangeable.


Teacher as the Prophet:

The teacher like prophet is charged with the duty of providing thirsty humanity with sure means of right guidance of intellect. This is because the duties and responsibilities entrusted to an educator are in much respect, identical with the prophetic (visionary) mission which the holy prophet accomplished, so perfectly well. As a giver of good tiding (Bashir), warner (Nazir), witness, (Shahid) and as illuminating lamp. Having the most glorious standard of character and beautiful pattern of conduct he was an anxious for the people. He was gentle and mild in dealing with them as a supervisor over their action. He made people reflect in their own minds and guided them toward true knowledge in a manner as if seen with the eye.

The teacher too, has to pass through many difficulties rising out of situations like the varying mental levels of the learners, non-visibility of teaching material and non-educational atmosphere. All possible obstruction are to be foreseen by the teachers and teaches with patiently, perseveringly and courageously.

The duty of the teacher is to judge between his pupils, matters where they differ, according to the best of knowledge and judgment that he is endowed with. The educator’s teaching have no secret in them, which he may reveal to some and withhold from others. His duty is to communicate the whole of knowledge that he possesses to his students without and reservation.

The prophet first himself believes in the truth of his revelation. He does follows the op[inion of the ‘majority’ nor does he submit to the thoughts and passions of the people. An educator also must always do the same. He must have full conviction of the truth of his mission. Truth can never come to agreement with falsehood, even if the while world stands up in support of wrong.

The holy prophet (peace be upon him) was very softhearted. It grieved him very much if any from his followers fell into trouble.

What is Education:

Education is a progress, evolution, onward march and continuity. There should be no stoppage to it. The teacher strengthen the “souls” of his pupils to the extent that, when faced from the loving care of teacher. They are competent enough to continue their onward journey to progress.

As life is continuous so is progress as progress is continuous so is knowledge. So is it with knowledge here in this world. We must acquire more and more knowledge, as it can never be complete at any stage of our life. Even the holy prophet is to pray, “O may nourisher, ever loved increase my knowledge” the teacher and the taught must always strive for this increase during their earthly life, failing which they cannot except power which is yet another name for knowledge.

The last but not the least, thing to be always kept in mind by the teacher is that actions are motivated by man’s will and intention. The stronger the will and intention the more firm and powerful is his action and courage.


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  1. To seek knowledge is a sacred duty, it is obligatory on every Muslim, male and female. The first word revealed of the Quran was “Iqra” READ! Seek knowledge! Educate yourselves! Be educated.
    Surah Al-Zumr, ayah 9 reveals: “Are those equal, those who know and those who do not know?” Surah Al-Baqarah, ayah 269 reveals: “Allah grants wisdom to whom He pleases and to whom wisdom is granted indeed he receives an overflowing benefit.”

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