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Finding the Correct Life Partner:

Finding the correct life partner is the major decision that every human of every society face. This decision is too personal. Our religion Islam provides full independence and rights to choose the life partner to both (male and female). Some social factors do not allow (male and female) to fully understand each other their marriage life remains in the problem. Sometimes the bride and groom do not accept each other fully and for this reason their whole life remains tense and problematic. The lack of personal understanding leads to many psychiatry diseases and leads to depression. This depression then leads to cardiac problem, high blood pressure (hypertension), Stress and peptic ulcer etc.

Secondly, the kids are mostly disturbed. They are fully aware of the environment of the home and for this reason they also suffer with psychiatric disorders. They get some feeling like to be away from home and that’s why their parents are unable to control them.


Points to remember while finding the life partner:

  • The age should not have more difference. In our society the age of bride is less than the same of groom. But this should not be more than 5 years.
  • The mental understanding plays a vital role in a successful marriage. Education level of both should also be considered.
  • Weight and physical appearance should also be considered.
  • Genetic diseases like diabetics, hypertension and other factors should also be studied. Especially in the cousin marriage the risk factor of genetically transferred diseases are too high.

Find the Life Partner In Pakistan:

Finding the life partner

Finding the life partner






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