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There are several and social factors that female reaches to the adultery quicker than boy. Although it is believed that 13-14 years old female girl is adult in our society. But at the early ages of adultery the female is not ready to get pregnant.

Why Early Marriage?

Early marriage in our society cause many issues. According to the science the ideal age for marriage is 18-25 years. In this age female is prepared to give birth to baby physically and mentally. And she has more common sense to grow up her kids. Late marriage also raise issues like zero pregnancy and other social issues that make the girls in depression.


Disadvantages of Early Marriage:

  • Female body is not fully developed.
  • Her productive system is not prepared enough to give birth to the baby.
  • Her own growth is effected as minerals and vitamins are required for the growth of baby.
  • She cannot manage the home tasks and her mind is not fully matured to adopt new life in new home.
  • Due to lack of maturity she is unable to maintain the relationship between her husband and husband family.
  • Eventually, her husband is more socially educated and has more common sense this can led her to the depression.
  • Her mother in Law remains dominant on her for all of her life.
  • The girl can’t complete her studies due to her early marriage.
  • Girls are not physically developed so, she can face many problem during pregnancy.
  • If the girl becomes pregnant the it is suspected that the new born baby will be week.
  • Many early marriage results in over amount of kids.



Advantages of marriage at 18-25 Years:

  • She can be socially stronger and can be a effective part of society.
  • Her parents give her extra protection and this give her confidence and the couple spends a happy life.
  • Disadvantages of Late Marriage.
  • Depression may lead to hysteria and other physiological disorders.
  • Famine attraction and beauty is decreased as time passes, this lead to improper match of couple and she may remain in the depression for whole life that why her parents made so late for her marriage.
  • Late marriage leads to illegal pregnancies and other abnormal social norms.
  • Late marriage leads to zero pregnancy and there are less changes of stable pregnancy after the age of 30.
  • Chances of breast cancer and ovary cancer are increased in late marriages.
  • Children of late marriages are not full matured enough to be stable that their parents grow old and they get no chance to develop their career and future.

Marriage Life Tips:


Marriage Life Tips:

How To Get Pregnant

How To Get Pregnant






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      this is not only for Ahmed but all 4r u guys….

  2. salam mai shadi shuda hon 3 bachy hy or ab mai pregnant nhe hona chahty kam sy kam 5 sal tk plz mjy koi tareka batai plz

  3. Mairy age 26 hai r meribeti 3 saal ki hogai hai mai last year sy cinceive karna chah rai hn par ho nai raha if u help me and tip for me

  4. salam…maire shadi ko ek saal honay lga h r mai shadi k baad 3 mnth mai pregnent hoe the mai bht happy the lkn maira miss carriege ho gya tb sy aj tk mai different lady doctors ke med kha rhe ho pr koi frq ni hoa mai pregnent ni ho rhe even 3 last mnth mairy periods b ruk gy lkn im not getting pregnent r ab phr mensis ruk gy h lkn mai pregnent ni ho…so any one tell me any good advise im so disappoint..

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