Beauty Tips In Urdu: Hair Tips In Urdu – How to Make Hair Long

30 Jul

Hair is important part of women’s personality, whether women like or dislike the long hair, but they like silky hair. To get proper hair care and to nourish your hair we should know basics about hair and hair care. Hair are made up of a special protein called Keratin, that is a structural protein that is found in more than just one part of our body.

Layers of Hair:

Hair has three layers, the basic layer is called medulla, the middle is called cortex and the external one is called cuticle. The cortex is responsible for flexibility of hair.

How the hair made up?

Hair is a bio material that is made within the follicles present in skin/dermis. The average growth rate of hair is 1.2 CM/Month. In Women the hair grows faster at the age of 15 to 30 years. The follicles are responsible for hair growth and follicles health depends on the blood supply to the follicles. If follicles have good blood supply then hair will grow faster.

Why Hair grow curly? Naturally Curly Hair

Curly hair is because of inheritance. The follicles make hair curly instead of straight.

In this Urdu article I have shared hair tips in Urdu. You will understand more about your hair the more they grow longer. In the next articles I will be sharing long hair tips in Urdu.

Hair Tips in Urdu

Hair Tips 01 Beauty Tips In Urdu: Hair Tips In Urdu   How to Make Hair Long

Hair Tips in Urdu

Long Hair Tips in Urdu

Hair Tips 02 Beauty Tips In Urdu: Hair Tips In Urdu   How to Make Hair Long

Long Hair Tips in Urdu

Tips For Long Hair

Hair Care Tips

Long Hair Tips In Urdu

Make the Hair Straight



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