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Vitamins are organic compounds found in nutrients required for growth of organisms in the body of the living being. Since the human body does not store the vitamins continuously there should be a regular diet for getting vitamins. Vitamins play an important role in the natural growth of the skin. The proper diet and proper intake of food with vitamins makes your skin fair. To get skin fair complexion vitamin and water should be used regularly.

Vitamins for Skin

Vitamin A Benefits:

Vitamin A benefits include stop infection, get rid of dandruff, nourish head skin and eye sight. Vitamin A is also helpful for proper blood circulation in body. Proper blood circulation means reddish and pimple free skin.

Vitamin B Benefits:

Vitamin B helps you for better hair life and nourishes hair. Vitamin B deficiency cause oily hair and results in increase of dandruff. Vitamin B sources include Wheat, green vegetables, yeast and meat.

Vitamin C Benefits:

Vitamin C is beneficial for eyes, skin, stop infection and bleeding teeth. Vitamin C is useful vitamin for skin as it helps to reduce dark spots on the skin. If you use Vitamin C in you daily food you can easily get rid of dark circles around eyes and dark spots on your skin will be reduced. Vitamin C sources are fresh fruits like the oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit, mangoes, and their juices.

Vitamin D Benefits:

Vitamin D is a natural steroid hormone/vitamin. Vitamin D is essential for calcium and phosphorus metabolism, and it is required for the normal development of skin, bones and teeth. Vitamin D sources are Fish Liver Oils, Egg Yolk, and Herring. Vitamin D is only one vitamin which act as hormone in the body and crucial for health.

Vitamin E Benefits: Vitamin E and Skin

Vitamin E is skin friendly Vitamin. The benefits of vitamin E on the skin are countless and every skin care product contains vitamin E. Vitamin has many antioxidant properties which are vital for skin protection. Vitamin E protects your skin from ultraviolet light. Vitamin E also prevents cell damage, hence resulting in the tight skin. It is very true that Vitamin E is effective in reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.


Supplements are not always reliable; fruits can provide you enough vitamins. It is always important to consult with your doctor before starting any vitamin or food supplement.

Food For Natural, Healthy and Fair Skin:

Food for healthy skin

Food for healthy skin

Vitamins benefits

Vitamins benefits

Vitamins benefits

Functions of vitamins

Functions of vitamins

Functions of vitamins

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