standard Breast Size Increase is Now Possible

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Breast … a blessing ….

Breast is the natural blessings. Round and firm breast increase beauty of women. Female with saggy and loose breasts or with small breasts are considered non attractive. In our society small breast girls are often demoralized by their husband or by their friends. Many girls get divorced due to this problem. We get calls from many females that their husband’s behavior is changed or their husband doesn’t feel attraction on them anymore. But why? This happens when men don’t feel attraction in women.

How to attract your man?

Talk… Talk….. And Talk. Never let communication gap enter in your relationship. This kills love among husband and wife. Even if your husband comes late at home, wait for him; try to realize him that you were waiting for him just to talk for a while. Use common communication like how was your day? Do you feel tired?. After dinner always asks him do he require something else to eat? Do he require foot massage after shower. First start with communication then comes to physical touch.

Increase Breast Size …. Best Way

Breast size can be increased at any age between 20 to 40. There are many ways to increase breast size easily.

Breast Increase Tips

The first and better way than any other method is the breast massage. There is no best exercise for breasts than breast massage. You can do this massage in your home by yourself.

Secret Behind Breast Massage

The science behind breast massage is the increase blood flow in the breast tissue. Massaging the breast also increase estrogen level in breasts. It is also proven fact that after massage breasts become more receptive to estrogen.


How to massage your breasts to increase breast size?

  • Hold your breast with both hands by using index finger and thumb making a triangle.
  • Move your hands slowly from downwards to upward in such a shape that make curve.
  • Then rub from up and down slowly.

Don’t Take Breast Enlargement pills because they contains Xenoestrogens. Xenoestrogens are a type of xenohormone that imitates estrogen that is toxic in nature. Secondly, Breast enlargement pills are not effective to all girls/females. Always apply external stuff to your breast like C-Action cream. Breast massage with C-Action cream stimulates blood flow and rehabs breast tissue that increase breast size.

breast enlargment lotion cream

Massage breast with C-Action cream?

You can massage your breast with c-action cream. C-Action is a unique herbal formula that help adult girls to acquire the breast size. One thing you need to know is that genetically you have normal breast size. It is your life style that has made your breasts small. . Here is how to massage your breast with c-action.

  • Take C-Action cream on you palm.
  • Apply drop wise on your breast with the help of index finger.
  • Now massage gently until cream dries up.
  • Repeat this twice daily.
  • Take seeds, while you go sleep after applying C-Action cream.
  • Seeds including soraj mukhi, Kado kay beej, Pathay k beej.
  • Avoid salty food especially pickle (achar).
  • Take almonds, pistachios, and walnuts 5 grams once a week.

I have seen many female cases with 32” size that got 36” size in three weeks after using C-Action cream and improved their diet.
Remember the road for bigger breasts and healthy life style is the same.

We wish you a healthier lifestyle and bigger breasts.
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