standard Dermacos Skin Polishing At Home – Learn Beauty Parlor Course.

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Dermacos is the multinational brand launched in Pakistan about three years ago. Dermacos is the company based in Hoom, the Netherlands. Dermacos skin polishing process consists of multiple Dermacos products. These Dermacos products are Dermacos facial blond brightener, Dermacos blond activator and oxygen skin gloss.

1. Preparation for Dermacos Skin Polish

Wash / sanitize yourself first. You can use Dermacos facial wash or Dermacos hand sanitizer. Take half teaspoon of Dermacos derma facial wash in your hand. Massage face and neck for three minutes and wash with the water. Don’t let your skin dry.

2. Dermacos Face Cleanser

Take once teaspoon of Dermacos Hexagonal Cleanser or Dermacos gray lotion. Stretch on your palms and massage your neck and face areas with your finger pores for 5 to 7 minutes. Wash with water and let your skin dry. Remember that you should dry your skin in this step of Dermacos skin polishing.

3. Dermacos Smoothing Toner

Take once teaspoon of smoothing toner, apply the smoothing toner on the cotton ball. Apply on the neck and on face. Let the smoothing toner dry. If you think that your skin is become too much dry then apply a little amount of Dermacos oxygen skin gloss. If skin is in normal or oily then you don’t need to apply Dermacos oxygen skin gloss.


Make Dermacos Skin Polish Mixture

  1. Dermacos Blond Brightener ………………….. 1 Tea Spoon
  2. Dermacos Facial Blond Activator …………… 1 Tea Spoon
  3. Dermacos Oxygen Skin Gloss …………………. 1 Tea Spoon

Mix these three Dermacos products together. If you think your skin is rough then increase the quantity of Dermacos facial blond brightener by half teaspoon. You need to become ready for skin polishing as soon as possible, because it is not good to put the mixture away. Use this Dermacos skin polish mixture as fast as you can.

Apply this Dermacos skin polish mixture for 10-15 minutes on your skin and after that massage your face and neck by dipping your hand in normal water and applying the water dipped fingers on your face.

Now you have completed Dermacos skin polish clean your face with the help of espionage.

Applying Dermacos Mask after Dermacos Skin Polish.

Take two teaspoon of Dermacos refining enzymatic mask. Mix with 20 ml of plain water. Mix two drops of 5 drops of toner. Apply on face for 15-20 minutes and clean it with normal water.

Finishing your Dermacos skin polish.

Apply Dermacos facial sun protector and avoid from open sun exposure.

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