standard Facial Mask for Every Skin – How to Make Skin Mask At Home

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Face Mud Mask Benefits:

Facial mask is used to increase skin tightness. Regular facial mask removes dead cells from face. Facial or face mask can be performed at home. You can create face mask at home and facial mask prepared in home is natural and much more safer than other mask. For home facial mask you can make egg’s facial mask, lemon mask and ubton mask.


Homemade Facial Mask:

Honey Egg Mask

Honey Egg Mask

How to Make Mask at Home:

  1. For facial mask wash your hands and face completely then dry it with soft towel.
  2. Apply astringent that you like on your face.
  3. Apply eye cream around your eyes.
  4. Apply mask on finger tips then spread it on your face by facial massage.
  5. Keep mixture away from eyes and ear.
  6. Let it be on your face around 20 to 30 minutes.
  7. Then wash the face properly.


Face Mask Tips:

  1. It is better that you apply face mask at night.
  2. Let your brain free from thinking, this will reduce facial expression and let the mask work properly.
  3. Never let mask mixture at your skin more than 30 minutes.
  4. Mud mask has benefits of tightening the skin cell and make skin look good overall. So use the mud mask once in a week.

Homemade facial mask:

You can make face mask in home. Take once tablespoon of honey and egg’s yolk. Mix it completely. When this mixture start freezing or settling apply it on your face for 20 minutes. Then wash your face completely. Use some body spray for egg smell.

Egg Yolk Mask :

The use of vitamin A against acne scarring is best treatment, and the yolk of egg contains it. Simply whip the yolk o egg and apply it on your skin, leave it to at least 20 minutes and relaxed your skin mussels.

Acne Tonic with Basil:

To make this homemade face mask, you need 3 tea spoons of dried basil leaves and boiling water. Steep the leaves of basil into boil water and leave it to cool. And after that apply this mask on your face with the help of cotton ball

Sea Salt or Table Salt Mask:

This is an interesting and most simple method, just swim in the sea. If you can’t do this then buy sea salt, mix it with water and wash your face.

 How to Make Skin Mask At Home:

 How to Make Skin Mask At Home

How to Make Skin Mask At Home

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