standard Hair Types for Women and The Hair Treatment According to The Hair Types

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Understanding hair type is vital for cure for many hair problems. If you are going to follow the Hair Tips In Urdu and Want to make hair natural black or you want to make hair straight, then you should know your hair types.

Types Of Hair:

Here are common hair types for women.

Straight Hair Type:

Such hair type are hard to be folded or molded according to new hair style, if you comb the straight hair you may feel that the hair often become spongy. In fact these hair types are perfect natural hairs. Sometime the straight and normal hair type gets reddish type of material. That gives hair a reddish brown look. It is actually a disease that creates internal fungus in hairs or scalp. This should be treatment immediately by using avocado oil and eggs yolk’s mixture or you can try home make shampoo. If you got the straight hair type and you don’t have reddish material in your hair then you are lucky.

Thin Hair Type:

Such type of hair is delicate hair, often known as baby hair type too. Over and over again these hair are sticky with scalp and after shower/shampoo and comb these hair don’t get bumpy or shinny. Such thin type of hair is hard to make any hairstyle form them. The solution is this too make hairstyle from thin hair is to apply good conditioner for ten to twenty minutes.

Lousy Hair Type:

Lousy hair means the hairs that lose their tendency to be straight. Such types of hair often remain straight after taking shower then they get lousy. The loss of zinc also makes your hair lousy. Proper priming is solution for such hair type. If you have curly hairs don’t apply creams to make them straight as these creams make your hair lousy. Lousy hair require special attention towards their treatment, you should consult with trichologist for the hair treatment. You can get an appointment with Hair Club Experts.

Rough Hair Type:

This hair type has healthy hair (a bit thick hair) but with the dry condition. It is hard to handle such type of hair in summer. If you have rough and healthy hair then you should use Pantene Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner at least for one month. Rough Hair type hair also fall, you can try Hair Fall Solution.


Dry Hair Type:

Such type of hair can be identified by having a look on them. They look dull and dry and being bi-directional at their ends is the most common identification of such hair type. You can make dry hair shinning by following these dry hair tips that I mentioned in my previous post or You can try Homemade Best Conditioner for Dry Hair.


Reasons behind Dry Hair:

  • Trimmer, heat dyer can be the major reason.
  • Too much use of shampoo and conditioner can be the second reason.
  • Hair dye can be the third reason.


Cure of Dry hair:

  • Stop using trimmer and hair gel.
  • Use conditioner with moisturizer.
  • Use a branded protein shampoo.
  • Stop hair dye completely or increase the gap between dye. If you dye your hair one in a week, make it once in two weeks.

Dull Hair:

Dull type as mentioned in their type is the hair type in which hair has zero shine, less bump, often sticky and dull.

What makes Hair Dull?

  • Heat in the summer makes hair lifeless.
  • Using soap instead of shampoo makes hair dull.
  • Applying hair bleach, dye makes hair dull and dry.

Cure for Dry and Dull Hair:

  • Cover your head when you are outside.
  • Use branded shampoo along with protein conditioner.
  • Avoid anti dandruff shampoo to apply on dull hair type.
  • Stop Hair Dye and bleach, You can try the alternative ways to stop White Hair at Young Age.


Oily Hair:

This hair type has hairs with the oily feelings. After shampoo and conditioning they will look oily and greasy. No matter how much good shampoo do you use, the oily hair type will look dirty and tangling. Using Shampoo with conditioner will help to cure the oily hair condition.


It is always better to know your hair type, before choosing shampoo and conditioner for your hair. Here are more to read about hair types and Long Hair Tips In Urdu, you can also enjoy reading Homemade Hair Care Tips In Urdu.

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Hair Types for Women:

Type of Hair In Urdu

Type of Hair In Urdu

Hair Types for Women:

Type of Hair In Urdu

Type of Hair In Urdu

Hair Types for Women:

Type of Hair In Urdu

Type of Hair In Urdu


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