standard Homemade Face Whitening Cream – Make Your Own Beauty Cream Easily

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Today, Pakistani market is full of various varieties of beauty creams. These all whitening and face beauty creams claim to be the best beauty creams at their own. Some common names are

  • Golden Pearl Beauty Cream
  • Faiza Beauty Cream
  • Face Fresh Beauty Cream
  • HoorPari Beauty Cream
  • Dove Beauty Cream
  • Royal Beauty Cream
  • Sandal Beauty Cream

Today, LearnPakistan’s Beauty Expert Miss Zobia will tell you how you can make your own beauty cream in your home that will make you skin white and effective. I am hopefull that you will forget all the beauty creams like

  • Golden Pearl Beauty Cream

  • Faiza Beauty Cream

  • Face Fresh Beauty Cream

Why This Best Face Whitening Cream

This Best Face Whitening Cream will not only save money from your pocket but it will give you much better result from all times. For this best beauty cream you need the following items in your home.

  • Archie Pearl Cream

    Archie Pearl Cream

    Archie Pearl Cream

  • Mena Facial Cream

  • Mena Facial Cream
  • Stillman’s Skin Bleach Cream

Stillman's Skin Bleach Cream

Stillman’s Skin Bleach Cream

  • Dr. James Vitamin C Cream

Dr. James Vitamin C Cream

Dr. James Vitamin C Cream

  • Kelly Pearl Cream

Kelly Pearl Cream

Kelly Pearl Cream

  • Fair & Lovely Multivitamin Cream

Fair & Lovely Multivitamin Cream

Fair & Lovely Multivitamin Cream

  • Betnovate – N Cream Cures Eczema of various types and reduces Skin inflammation

Betnovate - N Cream

Betnovate – N Cream

Process of Making Your Own Beauty Cream Formula

Take One Empty Glass Bowl and the Plastic Spoon, We will not use any kind of steel or any other metal things.

Make Your Own Best Beauty Cream

Make Your Own Best Beauty Cream

Beauty Cream Formula – Step -1

Put Fair & Lovely Beauty in the Bowl

Fair&Lovely Beauty Cream

Fair&Lovely Beauty Cream

Beauty Cream Formula – Step -2

Now Add Kelly Pearl Cream

Best Beauty Cream

Best Beauty Cream

Beauty Cream Formula – Step -3

Dr. James Vitamin C Cream will be added in the Third Step

Best Face Whitening Cream

Best Face Whitening Cream

Beauty Cream Formula – Step -4

Mena Facial Cream is essential for the beauty cream. Very Important.

Mena Facial Cream In Pakistan

Mena Facial Cream In Pakistan

Beauty Cream Formula – Step -5

Stillman’s Skin Bleach cream will add extra shine to your skin. We are adding Stillman’s Skin Bleach cream in fifth step.

Stillmans Skin Bleach Cream Pakistan

Stillmans Skin Bleach Cream Pakistan

Beauty Cream Formula – Step -6

Betnovate – N Cream Cures Eczema of various types and reduces Skin inflammation. We will add Betnovate – N Cream in Step 6 of our beauty cream formula.

Betnovate Cream In Pakistan

Betnovate Cream In Pakistan

Beauty Cream Formula – Step -7

Archie Pearl Cream is added to create permanent glowing effect on your skin.

Archie Pearl Cream In Pakistan

Archie Pearl Cream In Pakistan

Beauty Cream Formula – Step -7

Now mix up all these Archie Pearl Cream,Mena Facial Cream,Stillman’s Skin Bleach Cream,Dr. James Vitamin C Cream,Kelly Pearl Cream,Fair & Lovely Multivitamin Cream and Betnovate.

You should mix it till five minutes.

Best Homemade Beauty Cream In Pakistan

Best Homemade Beauty Cream In Pakistan

Beauty Cream Formula – Step -8

Now Add Two Capsules of Vitamin E for Skin nourishment.

Vitamin E Capsules Mix Up

Vitamin E Capsules Mix Up

Beauty Cream Formula – Step -9

Your Cream is now ready. For better results use it twice daily.


Beauty Cream

Beauty Cream

Beauty Cream Formula – Step -10

You can keep this cream safe in some old empty jar of any cream. You can also gift it your friends and relatives.

Best Beauty Cream In Pakistan

Best Beauty Cream In Pakistan

I hope you like my article. If you like my article then please tell me about this via comments.

Thanks, Zobia.

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    • rumaila

      I totally agree with saira…

      • bt kitni mikdar ma in creams ko mdix karna ha

        • The Shahzad

          You will mix the creams as a whole and use them under consultation with beauty expert/beauty clinic.

          • summera awan

            i waant that cream can u send me plz

          • Anonymous

            Sab cream kitni kitni leni hai



  • I want to place ad on your website for Rs 1.5 per click. Reply me on holosoftpakistan [at]

    • The Shahzad

      we can put your ad on monthly basis of Rs. 3500 per month.

      • Sara khan

        Do you deliver in Abbottabad?

        • The Shahzad

          Yes, We deliver in all over Pakistan. Please call at 0331-3875050

          • mairah

            Can u gimme ur email ID so tht I can know the procedure

          • The Shahzad

            It has very good results with no side effects.
            The price is 1200/- Please place your order at 0331-9703700.
            Make sure to first message your address and then call us.

          • farooq

            What the price of it

    • madusha

      Plz tel me fair &lovely smoll or big tub ?

  • Gulraiz

    Please Gents k liye b koi Formula Bta dain, Miss Zobia

  • Shabana

    bohat shukeria. meri rangat kafi saf hu gai hai

    • The Shahzad

      Thanks Shabana for your comments. Derma Cream Deliver 100% results. Please share our words to your friends and family.

  • mehnab

    I live in quetta plz tell me frm where I get mena facial cream and kelly pearl cream

    • madusha

      Pls tel me fair&lovely how mush gram??

  • mehnab

    If I dont use the betnovate N cream so it will remain show the same result nd frm where I get mena facial cream and kelly pearl cream in pakistan or any online website

    • The Shahzad

      Tell us your contact number and email via comments we will send it to you accordingly.


        Assalamu alaikum ‘m Syed I was used this cream for month ago.Again I’ll try one more time but that person on vacation.I am lived on UAE-Dubai so I need that one how I’ll get it.

        • The Shahzad

          SMS Your Address of Pakistan At
          We can send it only in Pakistan.
          Thanks for your trust with us.

    • syed uzair ali

      mehnab ji ma bhej do apko agr ap kaha tu ? but ya ha fazol lagana koi faida nhi jab ap choro ga isko tu apka colour phelay sa b zada black ho jaye ga

      • rehan

        No brother yeh bhot karamad formula hai my colour is so black but jab se mene yeh use kiya hai mei na he just gora hoa hu even i look pretty and aisa koi scence nhe hai k chorne k bad or kale hojate hain
        han agar ap 3 se 4 sall ka gap karoge to apka colour thora deem hoga but ap agar ek sal ka waqfa kar k lagate raho kch arse to aap bhot fair hojaoge

      • Ahmer

        bhai mujhe dado mene bhot sari cream banye ha pta nhe shai bane y nhe bani mager main bhot presahn hun ap mujhe dado cream bna kar

  • Kiran

    how many months should i use this formula.. And any side effects of this formula?

    • The Shahzad

      No Side effects, Now There is Unique formulation available with the name of DermaPlus (Turkey). You will get beautiful and glowing skin. Call 0331-3875050 in Rs. 550 Only.

  • shweta

    from where,these creams can be available

    • The Shahzad

      Write to us: We will send you the pre-made cream in Rs. 600 Only with delivery charges.

      • ansar

        can i get ur cream mix..
        du reply to mail id.
        i m from india…kerala

        • The Shahzad

          Sorry, We can deliver In Pakistan Only

          • Mairaj

            Aslam aliakum brother aap kahan se ho agar mujhi ye cream chaiye to maine aap se kise contect karo plz tell me

        • adnan

          ye kitne time me result degi

      • Sir , how much delivery charges will it take?

  • sana

    cream result is dr said betnovte cream is seriousely harmful for skin.

    • sana

      this formula is seriousely harmful for gives glow ton your skin bt nt permanently.i discusses from dr aswell he srongly sad that i avoid this cream.

    • engineer manzoor

      all these creams are very hamful for skin especialy for girls which give rises to be hair on your faces plz avoid all these

  • usha

    nice i know dis for formula.but not aware of dr james and mena cream

  • How much quantity should we use like steelman,fair and lovely etc I m asking for all cream

    • The Shahzad

      As it is mentioned in the pictures. You need to mix the whole of the cream to make this Homemade Face Whitening Cream. You can make Your Own Beauty Cream Easily

    • engineer manzoor

      f s use stilman cream just at night time which keep your skin moist but only disadvantag is that if u leave it for some days your skin will be dof so it needs permenent use use

  • Minahil Khan

    How Much Time Will It Take To Whiten The Skin?

    • The Shahzad

      It is estimated that three months use of this cream will improve the skin health and fairness process will start depending on your skin type. It will take around four months. We have many emails that have proven the results of the cream.

      • warda

        Shezad can u send me mixure of these creams

        • The Shahzad

          Contact zobia.javed at gmail for cream delivery

        • syed uzair ali


      • Dear koi side effects?

  • Farah

    I have ordered the cream and paid rs.80 for delivery charges. it took one month to effect on my face. my skin glow. this cream works in one month means it is mercury free.

  • i like it very much tkx………………….

  • Asif

    is it also usefull for males? and betnovate n pori tube daalni hai?

  • aniqa

    Is it effective on hands and feet as well? I just want even tone and fairness on hands and feet because they are less fair than face.

  • Ritu

    Can u also let us know the quantities of all creams to b mixed pls?

  • neha

    agar skin bahut jyada dull ho to iska use kiya ja sakta hai ?

  • Sarah

    I need to purchase kelly pearl cream online where can i purchase it?

    • The Shahzad

      Contact zobia.javed at gmail for delivery.

    • EmAan

      Ap to kwh rhi thi k yeh fazol formula ha ab ap online lena chah rhi ha

      • Anonymous

        eman formula

  • Tamanna

    I need this cream…badly!! I am from you deliver it there?

  • Asif

    Shazad bhai sabse acchi cream batao na jo whiteness aur acne scar ko remove kar dene ke liye.aur bhai plz

  • Haya Khan

    Shahzad need this mixure of these all cream can u send me
    these creams by courier

  • In Bangalore India can u pls deliver d cream

    • The Shahzad

      Sorry, We can’t

  • shakuntala

    plz give quantity of every cream so it will b easy to prepare. thanks.

    • The Shahzad

      As you can see, we are mixing on pack of cream. so there is no confusion with the quantity of creams.

  • Sara

    Hi I am so glad I found this…I would like to know if it’s good for stretch marks and does it work as a hardcore skin whitening cream, like the girls use these days n it completely changes their colour….I
    want to make sure if we have to empty the entire tubes in a bowl or is there a quantity to be followed?
    Thanks once again I am glad you shared it.

  • M not getting Mena facial cream n Dr.James vitamin c cream can I make dis cream without des??? Pls advise

  • Sarah

    I just read about Stillmans bleach cream which contains mercury and are very harmful for skin, can you please tell another similar cream to Stillman’s bleach cream? ? Which is safe to use

  • samia

    zobia i aready heard ths formula caz one of my friend applied it n got realy excellent result secondly I purchased C-Action breast cream from you it has good results too. u r serving many girlz. be blessed.

  • Plz telme how many days in result ths cream

    • The Shahzad

      15-20 days. We have a new water based formula cream. That has 20 days whitening result, you can order online.

  • Epsheeta

    while u use this cream u should strictly avoid sun ray and wear sunscreen properly so u can prevent skin cancer. and drink lots of lemon juice to reduce harmful effect of mercury . when u achieve a white skin (2-3 weeks) stop using it. after few weeks use that u can prevent harmful effects of chemicals. and also use some home remedy for skin skin immunity like honey,termeric etc

  • rania

    I can use this cream on my hands nd feet as well????? Tell me

  • Fatima Gaffar

    Hey, how much is your cream?

  • nazneen

    When I went to purchase these items from a cosmetic shop in karachi, few years back, the salesman stopped me to buy them, he told me that they will spoil my skin. I know many people who are using but I am not using it I don’t want to get skin cancer!

    • Tanha

      Is Dr. James Vitamin C , Kelly Pearl Cream , Archie Pearl Cream and Mena Facial Cream available in Bangladesh? and is it really not harmful for skin???

      • The Shahzad

        These are available in all countries.

        • after making ths cream it shud be refrigerate

  • Pinky charate

    Mena Facial Cream
    Dr. James Vitamin C Cream
    from where i can get there two cream along with Vitamin E capsules

  • imran

    assalamalaikum zobia jee i have used this crem it is very effective and give results un three days but whn i left using again my face is black so how to overcome of this problm

  • aanchal

    Hi. R u still active? I mixed fair & lovely, stillman’sbleach cream, betnovate n and kelly pearl cream. Itz been 3 days and i apply at night. In the morning, my face is super oily and even when i wash my face with soap, the sticky feeling doesn’t go away. Does this really make you fair coz all i have experienced is oiliness. Can i use dis mix as a daytime cream? My complexion is like bollywood actress sonam kapoor. How long will it take me to get a complexion like kareena kapoor? Pls help.

    • Use a good quality cleanser toner and moisturiser in the morning it will help it would take the oily feel of it

  • rabia

    Is ka koi side affect tu nhn hana????? Plz tell me??????

  • Fareena

    Do you ship this cream outside of Pakistan if so I would like to buy from you

  • hajera

    I have mixed them but still no result

  • I want to order these, what shLl I do





      • shakeel khan

        agar kisi ko achy cream chahea tu wo rabta kr ly 100% result hoga or side effivt bhi nae hoga

  • In how many days the result will appear ?

    • shakeel khan

      5day,s result hoga whiting cream ka jis ko bhi cahea wo 24 hours rabta kr sakta hai

  • Rehan

    Asalamualikum? Guys it’s really useless formula I give you a formula in sha Allah it will b work in 15 days becoz me also used it it’s all free just need ur prayers tc take my num and add me viber r fb everywhere 00393292867173 when u will save my num I will b shw on viber whts app ok tc

    • Sara

      what is ur facebook id ?

  • Rehan

    Jo sab se achi cream thi skin k liye app ne wo miss kr d me also a beautition last 5 yr I will gv all of u a good formula in sha Allah it will work save my num and contect wid me on viber nd whts app 00393292867173 it’s free price is ur prayers it’s fisabilillah

  • rumaila

    These are very common creams it gives best results but as u leave using it it becomes even more darker. these creams are very dangerous. it makes your skin thin day by day and cause skin cancer…



  • Samikhan


  • Zainab

    I would like to totally order these creams I live in London is it possible to receive them here

  • bushra arif

    Can I get it in pindi…

  • I m not getting Mena facial cream n Dr games vitamin C cream should I make without this it will do.otherwise can I use any facial cream and vitamine c cream It will do pls help what should I do pls reply this

  • i used this formula .this formula is very effective of my skin .my acne spot getting takes results in one week.very one says now ur colour going fair .i made this formula cream in home without using benevoiat and dr James vitamin cream.really amzing formula.

  • after making this cream it shud be refrigerate plz reply

  • Asif ahmed

    And beenish ap mere saat contect kar lena mein samja donga sub im microsoft engineer from islamabad

  • gull

    Hi.I m applying this cream two is my third day.but no result yet.

  • Zaynab

    I would like to order these I live in Birmingham uk
    What shall I do

  • Adiba

    I try it (Inshallah )


    Plz tell me Any side effect .

    • The Shahzad

      There is no side effect…. of this cream

      • irum

        ap kaisy keh sakty ho kio side effect nae aesy he logo ko bwkoof bna rhay ho plz kio b ye use na kary jo use kary ga apna nuqsan kary ga so plz plz plz don;t use such a toxic creams…………..

  • ayesha

    kya ho gya ha allah ne her aik ko khubsourt bnaya ha aur plz yeh creams mat use krain surah yousaf parha kry sab apna dil saaf rakhain aur chehra b saaf rahy ga aur in ma aik cream ha faiza beauty cream wo achi ha bki sab fazool hain plz stay away from these creams

  • Nab

    For Indians,, those who need these product plzzz send your location on this email

  • malik

    kia yeh cream anti wrinkle or cheray k dark spot bhi katm karti hai ?

    • The Shahzad

      It is skin whitening cream with proven result. It do not have any relation with wrinkles, However it can remove dark spots of the face.

      • pearl

        Mr shahzad I wanna ask some thing.. actually in my country these creams are not available only Stillman’s bleach cream and fair and lovely can b available so can I mix other whitening cream with these two cream like Garnier whitening cream and olay whitening cream and Tibet snow cream.plz reply me

        • The Shahzad

          We Don’t allow to mix this formula. however we can send you the prepared cream.

  • Sania

    Hi, i want to know that can I use just archie cream and how much tym it will take for me 2 get fair?

  • tania

    Can I add garnier whitening cream and olay whitening cream with fair and lovely and stillman’s bleach cream because in my country these products r not available which u mentioned only few are available

    • The Shahzad

      We can ship these products to bahrain, If you are interested.

  • saad

    Can i use it widout betnovate cream??? Please tell

  • Ayesha

    I want this….. could u plz let me knw cost +shipment in Canada?

    • The Shahzad

      please email

    • Mustafa

      Rs.80 Arche,Yoko,Kelly,Mena & Stillmans.For Order Cont-09820212528 (All over India)

  • madusha

    plz tel me fair@lovely cream how mush gram?

  • khan

    very good result on my face.. I am using it for the last 6 months . its very cheap and effective as compare to other products.. i love it…

  • prince sani

    Shehzad bhai ma I also mix yoko whitening cream in this formula?

  • I total disagrre with thia yeh bht axhi cream hein me ise use krti huo mera clr bht glowing nd fair ho gya hein

  • Zaynab

    I would like to order these!
    Pls tell me the process

    • The Shahzad

      Call 0334-7580758

  • Maria Khan

    i want all these creams

  • az

    How long does ths formula take to make my skin gori i m used it for a weak n only slightly difference appear

  • Abida

    kitna expense ay ga in sb cream pay?

  • Fine way of describing, and good article to get information regarding my presentation subject matter, which i am
    going to convey in school.

  • bushraa

    Wiill u delivery in Abu dhabi,UAE?

    • The Shahzad

      Yes, It can be delivered to UAE. email at info at

  • Please tell me how much quantity of above mentioned creams i have to mix to make this cream.

  • Doctor Sahaab

    Nice whitening cream

  • Muhammad

    It work amazingly. I ordered on 0331-3875050 and it was quick and fast del;ivery

  • summera awan

    i want that cream can u deliver plz and how much amount?

  • ye formola theek hy ap stihilmen ki bajay madecam bleach creek bari packing use jar salty hy

  • sonia

    Pls merit bhi help kar do

  • Is me ilawa koi or formula he jis ka result ho

    • The Shahzad

      We can send you Imported Whitening and Clear skin serum. It has very good results with no side effects.
      The price is 1200/- Please place your order at 0331-9703700.
      Make sure to first message your address and then call us.

  • Anonymous

    i dont have dr james vitamin c cream in my coubtry but i have other brands vitamin c cream..what should i do?

  • Anonymous

    Ye sub ek sath karachi mai kahan se milegi

  • Anonymous

    Can i apply it on my hands too to make them fair??

  • Anonymous

    Golden Pearl, Goree, Chandni n many more product are available. Plz cont +919930928672 / +919820212528 for order anywhere in India.COD Available.

  • Anonymous

    i have extra dark on my neck is this useful this cream for me ?

  • Anonymous

    i have extra dark on my neck this cream can correct my neck ?

    • The Shahzad

      Bjaj No Marks…..

  • Anonymous

    How to apply it, cream laga k absorb karna hai ya bleach cream k jaise laga rehne denge

  • Anonymous

    is my agar bitnovate cream na daly to koi farak to ni parta