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Day One Learn Beauty Parlor Course In 30 Days.

Make Up Tutorials

Today is out first lecture at As you know committed about the real life experiences of the daily life jungle living in Pakistan. If you have read our previous posts about the beauty tips in Urdu, skin whitening tips in Urdu then you will know how to get fair skin in weeks. What we will be focusing in this course

  1. Guide you about the beauty products available in Pakistan.
  2. Give you a detailed review about these products.
  3. Guide you where to buy these products for the better results.
  4. Get fair skin for your customers and yourself too.

Basic Rules of the Makeup.

I know you have at least a little makeup stuff with you. For a perfect make up first of all you should choose your makeup place should be organized and well arranged. Extra lighting on your makeup table will make your makeup more perfect. Your hair should be tied up by a ponytail holder ribbon or with some hair band that you use often.

A perfect make up step by step:

Face Make Up:

Start with the cake foundation. Apply cake foundation with the brush and blend it on your face with the help of the espionage. The second thing is to cover your eyes dark circles if any. If you have any dark circles around your eyes you can use concealer and blend it with the cake foundation. The concealer will lighten the area under your eyes. It will also mix up with your cake foundation color to give you a perfect look. To give foundation a matt look use lose powder. Use a standardized lose power. This lose powder will create a fine finish with foundation and concealer. Don’t take a large amount of powder with brush but apply it in dusting style on your face. Apply lose powder according to season. Use a little lose powder in winter and medium in summer.


Eyes Make Up:

Take eye brow pencil in artistic style. Focus on your index figure grip than thumb. Give your desired shape to your eye brows. Give a little pressure on eye brows. Use brown eye brow pencil on our area of your eye brows and black eye brow pencil on eye brow hair only. Avoid contact of black pencil with skin. It will not your eye brows over dark. Apply matching skin color coat on your eyes. Create a base with your eyes. Take help of the tissue paper to create base of the eyes so that it may not distract face makeup. Avoid over-tweezing. Remember the arch of your eyes is the only thing that will give you a perfect look. Add a little glitter to give extra shine to your eyes. Create a single line around and under the eyes. Use gray or the black color that suit you. If you have small eyes use white line. Apply eye liner with the help of the brush at eye lashes. Take a broad line at the corner of the lines and give an arch look. This will make your eyes more beautiful. Give your eyes a perfect shape with the help of the mascara. Mascara will give your eye perfect shape and curl. Apply two coats of the mascara for thicker eyes shape. Give at least 5 minutes gap between two coats.

Finalizing Face Make Up

A complete make up is incomplete without the blushing. Blush on (Blusher) is always applies from the rise of check bones to the ears. Apply a little pressure on the blusher brush. After blush on you choose your favorite lipstick color and apply on the outer areas of your lips. Don’t use peel off lipsticks. It will create small dark spots after continuous use on your lips. To apply better lip stick coat use the help of the brush.

Now you have finalized the face make up and ready to apply shiner touch on your cheeks. Mix loose powder and shiner to give a glittering look. You can also use lose powder with shiner too.

Makeup Made Easy In Urdu

We have made this post easier for understanding in Urdu, I am sure you will like it reading.

Make Up Urdu

Make Up In Urdu

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