standard How to Dry Hair, Hair Tips In Urdu For Dry Hair Treatment

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Tips for Dry Hair In Urdu:

After taking shower most of the ladies make their hair dry in wrong way. If hair doesn’t dried in proper way then hair can break a part and the hair would be damaged. In most practices ladies rub their hair with the towel that can damage the dry hair. It is best practice to fold your hair with the towel and let extra water should be absorbed by towel.

 How to Dry Hair?

If you make your hair dry with hair dryer then don’t use any brush or nozzle because it will focus the heat on your hair and extra heat will damage hair. The hair dryer should be at least 6 inch distance from your hair. Extra heated curling are also harmful for hair.

 Natural Hair Setting

After Hair wash, the lemon juice if applied can be a natural setter for hair. After hair wash you can use Garnier Fructis Body Boost Conditioner for better hair shine and health.



 Hair Tips In Urdu:

In this Urdu article, I have shared some tips to dry hair easily and how to dry hair, how to blow dry hair and proper use of hair blow dry and hair dryer. I hope you will like this article. Please spread the words of with your friends and colleagues.


How to Dry Hair – Hair Tips In Urdu

How to Dry Hair

How to Dry Hair


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