standard Make up Tips In Urdu: Choose Lipstick Colors and Shades – Which Lipstick Color is Best

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Lipstick Color:

Lipstick is an important part of make up. If beautician or you make a slight mistake to choose color of lipstick (I prefer Revlon and Medora lipstick colors) or chosen skin color lipstick with light colors that are not matched with you skin, it will ruin your beauty. The best lipstick color is light colors.

How to choose the lipstick color:

The easy way to choose your lipstick is to match with your lips color. If you have fair complexion without make up then you should choose light colors. The girl with fair complexion should not go with the red color lipstick or the browns.

The easy steps to choose lipstick color:

The first step to choose lipstick color is to apply one matching color to the upper lip and apply a bit darker color on the lower lip. See and Observe which color suits your skin color or facial appearance. If no color suits you then mix both lip color and try to make the mixed color. I am sure you are going to like this color. 80% of women get their matching lipstick color by this method.

This Urdu article is about how to choose lipstick color and which is best color lipstick. I am sure you are going to have a well read.

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Make up Tips In Urdu How to Choose Lipstick Color:


Make up Tips In Urdu Choose Lipstick Color with Skin Color:

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