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As you know that LearnPakistan.Com is the most favorite website among readers of Pakistan for beauty tips in Urdu. This week we have got to many email about skin care in summer. Summer always come with heat and warm sunlight. You body has natural system of replacing skin cells at every minute, every hour in your life and this rate increase in the summer. If you don’t get rid of old cells then these dead cells will make you skin look dull and dry. Keep you skin protected from sunlight. Try to keep in the shade and use umbrellas, sunglasses and hats. Use a best face scrub to scrub your skin and keep it fully hydrated and clean with body washes and lotions.

In this Urdu article I have shared Skin care in Urdu for you. You can also read my previous articles about skin care tips in Urdu. In these skin care tips you will really find informative material and suggestion about skin care products.


You will find dry skin care, oily skin care, and natural skin care and mixed type skin care articles.

Skin Care In Urdu

skin care in urdu

Skin Care in Urdu

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