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Breast developing food in Urdu

There is a universal sayings that “we are what we eat”. Food makes our body. What we eat becomes part of our body. Arginine, lysine, and glutamine are the natural elements. Such Breast developing food plays vital role in breast enlargement. Every food that has arginine, lysine, and glutamine is considered as breast enlargement food.

Best Way to Enlarge Breast:

There are multiple options for breast enlargement that includes surgery, use of breast pumps and breast enlargement pills. Breast pumps use air vacuum suction that can be painful and surgery is not the option for everyone. So, the only safe option for breast enlargement is the breast enlargement with food.

Brest Developing Food (Orange)

Orange is the natural fruit that is widely available in winter season. Orange contains vitamin C that controls the level of testosterone. The higher level of testosterone in female body means smaller breast size. Male should have higher testosterone level to get broader shoulder, male look and attraction. Female should have higher estrogen level for better feminine look, smart shoulders and bigger breasts. So, eat natural oranges with their natural pulp. Eating at least two to three oranges can help in breast enlargement.


Brest Developing Food (Chicken)

Chicken is the rich source of protein. Protein is natural requirement of the human body. The low protein diet does not promote the breast growth. Always buy the whole chicken (fresh), make soup and eat the chicken meat as you like. Eating 350 grams of chicken meat is enough to provide the required daily intake of protein. Secondly, Chicken stimulates the production of estrogen hormone. Estrogen hormone in human body is responsible for breast growth. The higher estrogen level promotes better breast growth and production of female organs. Estrogen is known as a sex hormone. In women estrogen is produced in ovaries, fat cells and adrenal glands.

Brest Developing Food (Cherries & Strawberries)

If you don’t like to eat chicken daily, then you can replace chicken with cherries and strawberries. You can add apples, walnuts and chickpeas in your diet. Walnuts are healthy nuts that may help you to grow your breasts naturally. Walnuts have omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants that contributes in healthy heart and increased breast size. Chickpeas, black-eyed-peas, kidney beans are best natural source of estrogen. Chickpeas are also known as the estrogen factory. More estrogen means Best Breast Growth.

Breast Enlargement Food (Flax Seeds) Elsi K Bejh

Flax Seeds is the best source of natural estrogen. Flax seeds has many advantage in spite of breast enlargement. Flax seeds is known for liver function improvement and protects human body from cancer. 5 Grams daily intake of Flax seeds provides good results in breast enlargement. Eating flax seeds has wonderful effect on the heart health too.

So, Eat Well and Live Well

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