standard An Unsolicited Cover Letter For The Job Of A Salesman

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Similarly, if the Cover Letter has been demanded its first paragraph and even the last two paragraphs may undergo a change delineating specific needs of the required assignment. We have already produced many such Cover Letters. The style, of course, all through should be acceptable and persuasive in both types of solicited and unsolicited Cover Letters.

New Karachi

3rd June, 19 —

Messrs Kashan International,

New Karachi-49.


Dear Sirs,


Re: Post of Salesmen

How desirous I have been to create a liaison with a most reputable concern transacting large scale business in the publishing line I According to my information you have been controlling such a publishing business and a large number of sales-representatives and salesmen have been functioning in your concern, who tour vast areas of country visiting many schools and libraries, colleges and other places of learning thus catering to the needs of The alumni everywhere, I take delight in such an assignment where personal effort should crystallize into a result-oriented assignment

Cover Letter for the Post Of Salesmen

Actually speaking I am a Graduate of the Karachi University and got a good second class degree last year. I have been studying in the English medium schools heretofore and there¬fore I have got the knack of persuading the people through the medium of English language.

I am young and healthy and possess a personality with all the requisites of impressiveness. A youth of 25 years with good qualifications becomes an asset to any publishing concern.


It is indeed very easy for me to undertake upcountry tours or make personal calls on the buyers and institutions using my own persuasive style of expression. Sales promotion work has been one of my ambitions and the publishing line has been one of those fields that I have been trying to specialize.

I am an ambitious youth possessing an enthusiasm that well synchronizes with ray qualifications and experience.

I hope you will favor me with an early chance of finding suitable Job of a salesman with your firm, whereas I assure you that I shall be able to prove equal to the task and thus serve your esteemed firm with zeal and enthusiasm.

Please grant me an opportunity to call on you personally and appear for an interview so that I may be able to produce the requisite testimonials and certificates of academic achievements and other certificates of work-experience in this fine.

Furthermore I may join your publishing concern immediately and, of course, may accept any salary that is reasonable for the purpose.

Expecting a favourable response soon,

Yours faithfully,

Zeeshan Haider

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