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Cover Letter for the Job of Technician:

Dear Sir,

Having vast experiential background in the Electronics field of Electrical Engineering and being a duly qualified person in the line of Radio engineering and T.V. Electronical Works, I nave been thinking of joining service in your reputed concern. In the Newspaper Advertisements the story of your Television-technology has enthused me a lot.

A Youngman of 26 years of age having got a National Certificate in Engineering I have been working in the Lightning Electronics Ltd., for the last four years. I possess enough background in welding and furthermore I possess enough experience in dealing with the customers in the line.


Really speaking I have been impelled by the idea of improving my own financial prospects and your firm is an expanding concern, where muttifariety of jobs provides very interesting outlets for every new incumbent.

I had to leave my above job due to the very low salary scales offered there and we did not have any scope of progress in the line, for the field was much limited. Still I feel that if contacted, my Manager will speak highly of my performance.

So far as the issue of salary is concerned, looking to my experience and qualifications, it is negotiable. I am keenly awaiting the date of interview.

Yours faithfully,

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