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Appointment Letter Format

Appointment letter is issued to the candidate that has been selected during the interview process and should be called for the job. Appointment letter states the salary, job title, basic pay scale and vice versa. Appointment letter is usually issued from the human resource department and employee is informed via phone, email or by post.

 Appointment Letter Points to remember:

  • Letter should be in clean and clear language.
  • Appointment letter should be well written with no spelling errors.
  • Appointment letter should be signed.


Appointment Letter Sample:



Dear Sir,

            With reference to your Cover Letter dated …… for the job of a Sales Representative in our firm, we inform you that you have been appointed against the said vacancy on the following terms and conditions:

            1.         The Pay-Scale offered will be Basic Pay Scale plus usual allowances and other perquisites amounting at present to about Rs. 249.50 which are subject to alteration.

            2.         The Commission apart from that will  be to the extent of 5% where sales exceed Rs.  5000/- and 2% on the sales below that limit within a period of one month.


            3.         The above commission may be increased on further sales benefiting both the parties, the rates of which will be 1% higher upto the sales of Rs. 10,000/- or so.

            4.         The Management does not guarantee your retention against the above vacancy if your performance is not result-oriented.

            5.         This job, for the time being, will be treated as a probationary job for a period of one year, whereafter you may be considered for confirmation against the permanent vacancy.

            6.         That you shall have to abide by the disciplinary rules pf the institution which are altered from time to time in accordance with the exigencies of the situation.

            7.         Any violation of the above rules may entitle the Management to serve you with the notice of termination of service after furnishing sufficient opportunity to make amends.

            8.    That you will do your job punctually and serve honestly, diligently and faithfully.

            If you accept the above terms and conditions being offered to you, please send your confirmatory comment in writing soon to us.

Yours faithfully,

Manager (Concern)

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