standard Cover Letter For The Job Of A Junior Executive [The Best Cover Letter]

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Cover Letter For The Job Of A Junior Executive


The following cover letter is to apply for the job of Junior Executive. This is the best cover letter sample I have seen in my life.




Managing Director,

Coconut Palm Leaves Manufacturing Co.


Dear Sir,

Re: Post of a Junior Executive

Please refer to your Advertisement in the News dated 4th June, 20.. regarding the post of a Junior Executive in your industrial concern. I have thought it advisable to apply for this job keeping in view my qualifications and experience attained heretofore.

My qualifications just synchronizes with your requirements as you have demanded a Graduate having a second class only with an experience of five years in the line.

I graduated from the Punjab University in 20.., whereafter I joined the Mat Making Concern and coconut fibre manufacturing concern functioning at Punjab that manufacture variegated items of furniture such as mats made of coconut fibre. cushion-covers made of fiber and many other accessory items. I worked for seven years, after graduating, in the above concern and thus have acquired the requisite skill for the assigned job. I over fulfill the requirements and am ready to take over independent charge of a workshop at least in your industrial concern.


Being a youth of 31 years possessing robust health and an amiable temperament, I approach you to kindly afford me an opportunity to serve your concern.

Till impelling reason for this change is that the pay-scales in the above firm have been far lesser and in these days when inflationary trends have been in evidence, it is impossible to keep pace with the times. The Impelling need of the hour is that the literate graduates should be enabled to earn at least as much as may support their basic requirements in addition to the provision of pleasure out of work that they undertake.

My nature and temperament are quite suitable for an executive job. I trust that you will bestow that opportunity upon to enable me to prove what I actually profess,

I am enclosing herewith the testimonials and copies of testifying to my qualifications in the academic lid.

I hope and trust that you will be kind enough to afford me an early opportunity to prove out my contentions heretofore and thus becomes an asset to your organization.

I may further inform you that I am ready to join immediately on receipt of your order of appointment. Thanking you in anticipation,

Yours faithfully,

Tayab Hassan

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