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Cover Letter For The Job Of A Mechanic

Dear Sir,

Will I be fortunate enough to serve in your firm that is so much reputable in the Tool Manufacturing Line, the field that I have specialized due to my 15 years of protracted experience? I have been giving a serious thought for shifting to your esteemed concern.

Being a Matriculate youth having qualified my examination from the Punjab University, Chandigarh in 19.., I joined the Polytechnic at GTTI, Lahore. I have virtually grasped all the techniques involved in the assembling of different parts of various machines in which your firm is dealing and which are being manufactured by your firm.


I have got a practical experience as told earlier ranging upto 5 years. Dismantling and reassembling of most of the machines, is an easy job for me now.

I have been receiving further training in an Institute, for the manufacture of machine-tools etc.

Unfortunately the firm where I was working has shifted to Multan and I, being a resident of Lahore, prefer to stay at home. I have learnt all about the manufacture of tools and thus I shall prove out to be an asset to your concern.

Somehow I came to know that you require the services of a youth well-versed in this line, for which I place my services before you.

Kindly grant me a chance to serve in your reputed concern and oblige.

Yours faithfully,

A Mechanic

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