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Advertisement: Wanted trained/experienced Nursery teachers. Apply soon:

Sample Cover Letter:

The Manager,

Juniors Nursery School,


Dear Sir,

As per your Advertisement in today’s Daily Jung, I apply For the Job of a Nursery teacher in your school.

I am a Graduate from the Punjab University and got a good second class. J got the Nursery training four years back from a recognized institution.


I have been teaching in a private school for the children in Model Town Colony, but now the school has been shifted five miles away from my home. I have an experience of 3 years in this school. I have recently resigned my job and am teaching students privately in my home.

I am 25 years now and have a good personality and strong physique.

Please let me know if you are going to show the favor to me. I may assure you, on my part, that I will do my best to discharge my duties faithfully and efficiently.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Veena Malik

Enclosures :

1 Attested copy of B. A. Certificate.

2. Attested copy of Nursery Training Certificate.

3. Copy of Experience Certificate.


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