standard Cover Letter For The Job Of A Principal Of A Recognised College. Download Application Format and Cover Sample Letters of Common and daily use applications and Resume

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Advertisement: Wanted an accomplished Administrator, at least a Ph D, having an experience of College Principal’s job for ten years. A person having academic and administrative accomplishments will be preferred. Scales of pay as per University Rules.

Sample  Cover Letters of Common and daily use applications and Resume


The Manager,

Dear Sir,

After a casual glance at a newspaper Advertisement published in the Statesman of today with regard to the post of a Principal in your esteemed institution, I started evincing a keen interest in the said job and have been looking forward to an opportunity to serve your institution. I offer my services for the above assignment.

As regards my academic and administrative experience I may hereby state that : (i) I did my Ph. D., in History in 2010, whereas J did my M. A. in History in the year 19.. from the B.Z.U University where I topped the list and won a Gold Medal in the University Convocation.

(ii) From Matriculation up to M. A., there is an unbroken first class record of my academic accomplishments.

(iii) I worked as Principal of the Govt. College, Vehari for 11 years and was constrained to resign my job due to the spread of parochialism in the college management.

(iv) The results of my college, have throughout been excel¬lent. Many students won scholarships and secured merit positions. This year our Student Zaheer Khan topped the Education University B. A. Final Examination.


(v) In Dramatics and Sports the record of our college shows no mean achievement. Our musicians who did their M. A., in Music, are working at the All India Radio, New Delhi.

(vi) There is no gainsaying the fact that my staff has been contributing its mite towards bringing about such stupendous results through their own sense of duty towards the institution, but my contribution with respect to administration of these affairs needs no extraneous recommendation. The achievements themselves are, broadly speaking, re commendatory in their quintessence.

At present I am 49 years of age, but I possess a sound health and stamina to cope with the onerous duties awaiting me in your esteemed institution.

Let me point out that my books on History are prescribed for the Education University and in many colleges the students use them for their examinations.

In view of the above facts, I cherish the hope that you will be kind enough to consider my case for the above assignment bestowing special favor on me. My age-long experience and brilliant academic and administrative records go a long way to prove my case.

I do cherish a hope that you will be kind enough to give me a chance for serving your college. I may assure you that with all the power at, my command, I’ll faithfully discharge my duties to raise the academic standards of the college as such.

Thanking you,

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