standard Cover Letter For The Job Of A Senior Technical Executive

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Molti Foam Limited,


Re: Post of a Senior Technical Executive Dear Sirs,

I invite your kind attention to your own Advertisement published in the Daily Times dated 4th January, 20.. (Write Year) whereby you have been desirous of appointing a Senior Technical Executive in your renowned firm possessing the specified qualifications and experience,

I, being a Technical Graduate of the Karachi University and having served in the Roseate Polyurethane Foam Factory, Lahore for nine years, fed constrained to write to you for absorbing me against the above-said vacancy, as I had to resign my job last month on account of certain family circumstances.

Cover Letter For The Job Of A Senior Technical Executive

I would like to bring to your notice that I continued to gain experience in yet another company of the same type for a period of three years more, though at a lesser salary and other perquisites.


As specified in the job-requirements, I undertake to establish new unit, arrange production and sales and supervise all the affairs of the company, as I have been doing heretofore.

I wish to bring to your notice further that I would like to accept a little higher salary than what 1 used to get at Lahore, where all my salary including allowances amounted to more than Rs, 12.000/- per month. A salary plus allowances for the new assignment upto P,s. 13,000 will be sufficient for me to work in that capacity. The salary scales advertised go a long way to provide the necessary incentive to the petitioner.

I am a young man of 45 years with a robust health and a good personality. I am sure that looking to my qualifications and experience in the line, you will be kind enough to afford me the opportunity to get the job, whereafter I shall try my best to cope with the onerous responsibility encrusted to me. Hoping to be favoured soon.

Yours faithfully,

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