standard Cover Letter For The Job Of An Architectural Assistant

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Messrs. Qaid Architects Ltd,

Anokha Kagar,


Re: Post of an Architectural Assistant.

Dear Sirs,

With reference to your recently published Advertisement in the Daily Times For The Job of an Architectural Assistant, I beg to offer my services for it.

As regards my qualifications and experience I lay down the same as hereunder:

1. I passed my B. Architecture recently getting a high second class and have since been working with the Farooq Architects Ltd. Karachi for two years. It has been a reputed Architect’s Office which has been catering to the needs of the firms in the area I am well-versed in Designing and other formalities of the job.


Job Of An Architectural Assistant

2. I am a Youngman of 27 years and have got a very good personality and health.

I know the requirements of the job and am ready to join the job immediately after it is offered to me. I, furthermore, accept the scales offered to me which arc quite suitable keeping in view my qualifications and experience.

Therefore, I respectfully submit that I may please be appointed against the said vacancy, for which act of kindness, I shall feel highly obliged.

Yours faithfully,

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