standard Cover Letter For The Job Of Principal Of A Recognized Higher Secondary School, Application Format For The Job Of Principal Of A Recognised Higher Secondary School

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Advertisement: Wanted a Principal for the Eagles Higher Secondary School, Punjab. A highly qualified Post Graduate having a religious bent of mind and extraordinary Administrative and Academic record will be preferred. If Ph. D, and a writer, he will have additional remuneration.


Cover Letter For The Job Of Principal Of A Recognized Higher Secondary School,

The Manager,

The Eagles Higher Secondary School,


Dear Sir,

May I beseech your kind indulgence to the recently adver¬tised post in the Hindustan Times New Delhi Edition, with regard to the appointment of the Principal of your esteemed institution. I offer my services for the said post.

My life has been a saga of struggle. After my father’s death, I joined the College and won merit scholarships up to A., getting high first class in all the examinations from matriculation onwards up to B.A. A probe of the mysterious realm of knowledge as I have been, I went in for my M,A. in Political Science getting a high second class from the Delhi University. Then I went in for M. A. History repeating the same performance. Now I have completed my Ph.D., in Political Science. Fortunately I got my training Degree from The Punjab University, I got my last M.A, Degree about 12 years back. I have got a Post Graduate Degree of Teaching.


I worked as Principal of a Public School in New Delhi which was up to the Junior Cambridge Level the Manager of the St. Andrews School died and the last Manager appointed his own man as the Principal.

May I point out that I am a staunch Sikh and have already. I know English, Urdu, Punjabi, and Hindi languages. I worked in the above school for about 10 years as a Principal.

At present I am 45 years old, but possess enough stamina to undertake any administrative assignment.

May I request you to very kindly consider my case favourably in view of the academic accomplishments and the administrative experience that I possess at present.

I am keenly awaiting the date of interview so that I may be able to prove my bonfires’. Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,


A few attested copies of certificates and testimonials pertaining to:

1. Ph. D Research Experience certificate.

2. M.A. Degrees in Pol. Sc, and History.

3. Matriculation, Intermediate and B.A. Degrees.

4. Experience certificate.

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