standard Cover Letter Sample For The Job Of A Civil Engineer

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Being a civil engineer you may require a comprehensive cover letter for the job of civil engineer. Attached herewith is the cover letter for job of civil engineer.

Cover Letter Sample For The Job Of A Civil Engineer

From: Irshad Ibrahim


The Manager,

Nespak Construction,



Please refer to your Advertisement in the Daily Jung, dated June 2, 20.. (Write Year) For The Job of a Civil Engineer in your industrial concern.

Qualifications: 1. I qualified my Civil Engineering Examination

from Vienna (Europe) in 20.. (Write Year)

2. That I got a First class in the above examination

and have been a scholarship-holder theretofore

I passed my other examinations from the Karachi

University, Karachi and some of them from the

Tornado College, Roorkee and now I am a fully

qualified Civil Engineer.

3. That in the B.Sc., Honours I got a very high

position in the University of Karachi prior to that

Experience: 1. I have been working with M/s. Barrel Hole Ltd.

New Karachi for about seven years and this period I spent in experi¬menting with higher techniques

which proved out highly beneficial to the above

industrial concern,

2. Thereafter I worked in the Sialkot Copper

Works situated in Lahore for one year only

attaining new skills in the manufacturing

techniques. That throughout this period my

services have been satisfactory and I have been

instrumental in bringing about great benefit to

the industrial concerns. My personal contribution

in the manufacture of Copper Plates


has been stupendous which is recognized by my


Let me bring to your kind notice that for the last three years I have been working as an Administrative Officer in yet another firm namely M/s. Aluminium Ltd-, where I rendered yeoman’s service. The firm’s exports received a considerable boost during my tenure in the above company which offered me further incentives in the form of special bonus thus recognizing my personal contribution to the big boost in exports that the manufactured goods of the above firm received.

But the post with me doesn’t synchronizes with my qualifications which are far above the required level and moreover the pay-scales in that firm have not been good enough so as to provide encouragement to me to continue with that job.

I am ready to appear for an interview at Lahore as advertised and if the interview-call is sent to me email/phonecall, that shall enable me to reach Lahore at the appointed hour. I don’t mind being posted at any station, where your company has got branches.

I am a Youngman of 35 years with a sound and tolerable physique.

I may assure you, sir, if a chance of service is granted to me, I shall leave no stone unturned in the discharge of my official duties.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Your faithfully,

Irshad Ibrahim

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