standard Cover Letter Template: Cover Letter For The Job Of A Mechanical Engineer,

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Advertisement: Require mechanical Engineer, for the tuner section of the Texla TV located at Rawalpindi. Candidates should by around 35 years age having 5 years of experience in an Electronics Industry. Apply to the Personnel Manager Texla TV Industrial area, Rawalpindi.


Cover Letter Template: Cover Letter For The Job Of A Mechanical Engineer,

The Personnel Manager,

Texla TV,

Industrial Area,


Dear Sir,

While casting a glance at the newspapers today, I suddenly come across your Advertisement about the job of a Mechanical Engineer for your Television Firm located in Delhi. I hereby apply for the said job.

For the sake of convenience I lay down the following qualifications and experience :

Qualifications: Passed my B. Engg. (Mech.) in 20 — from Lahore and got a First Division and a merit position.


Experience: Worked as Mechanical Engineer in the Televista T.V. Section for a period of ten years and rendered satisfactory service there. I have just been relieved.

Age and date of birth: 35 years: 5th August, 2012

Special aptitudes: I. Secretary, the Institute of Mechanical Engineers, Construct my own machines (T.Vs.)

Reason of resignation: Family circumstances impelled me to leave this job.

Testimonials: I am enclosing herewith the testimonials from various sources including the place of work in the capacity of a Mechanical Engineer.

References :

Other particulars: My father was an XEN in WAPDA and worked in the P.W.D. and I too have been evincing great interest in the Engineering line.

Should you be pleased enough to appoint me, I shall leave NO stone unturned to render you satisfaction to the best of my ability.

Yours faithfully,

Enclosures: Attested copies of:

(i) B.E. (Mech.) certificate (ii) Experience certificate


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