standard Solicited Cover Letter For The Job Of A Technician – [The Perfect Cover Letter]

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The following cover letter is for the job of technician. This technician can be a technical person and this cover letter explain the technical skills and sources of the job structure.



G.R. Peach Street,

Mango Garden Town,

New Karachi-5.

5th June, 20.. (Write Year)

The General Manager,

Mica Industries Ltd.

New Karachi-25.

Dear Sir,

Re: Cover Letter for the Post of a Technician

This is in response to your recently published Advertisement in the Times of Lahore, New Karachi, whereby you advertised For The Job of a Technician, for which I hereby apply, as the qualifications demanded quite synchronies with those of mine.

I am an educated young man and possess training and other requisite qualifications delineated hereunder:


1. I obtained a Diploma in B.E. (Mechanical) of Roorkee Engneering College,

2. I worked with Messrs. Wire-Makers Ltd., New Karachi for a period of one year, which post I had to leave on’ account of the shifting of the above concern tosome other venue in the country, which place was far-flung.

3. I am a youngman possessing the requisite skill and training which I received in the above concern.

4. I have been evincing a keen interest in the College sports and extra-curricular activities and the merit certificates issued to this effect stand testimony to it.

5. I am a Youngman of 25 years possessing an amiable temperament and a robust physique.

6. My innate qualities of organization and industry will stand you in good stead in the assigned jobs.

I hope and trust that keeping in view the above qualifications you will be kind enough to absorb me in your industrial concern, as a Technician, which post I am quite fit for. Thanking you in anticipation,

Yours faithfully,

Amir Habib.


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