standard Unsolicited Cover Letter For Field Sales Supervisors

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Cover Letter For Field Sales Supervisors

April 1, 20.. (Write Year)

Messrs. Trunk Manufacturers Ltd.,


Dear Sir,

How fascinated I feel when I think of the great progress that your esteemed firm has made in the manufacture and sales of Trunks and other accessories. Not only the manufacture of such articles has outpaced the estimation of all your adversaries, but also sales have out-distanced many industrial concerns.

I know that the secret behind the great progress the unceasing effort of flick Field Sales Supervisors, for whom specific qualities of head and heart are needed and I fulfill all these requisite qualifications and to crown all, I possess an experience matching my qualifications in this particular line. I am looking forward to a chance of getting an appointment as Field Sales Supervisor in your esteemed industrial concern,


I have been undertaking upcountry ton for canvassing, sales and propaganda in almost all the southern and northern states of India, whereas I know many dialect spoken in those regions in addition to English Language which I am well conversant with. I have been arranging shows and exhibitions to create consumer demand in those regions. Furthermore, I know-large number of firms, dealing in such goods all over the country and thus having been equipped with this knowledge,

I, at once, become indispensable to your firm. I passed my Higher Secondary Examination, but possess an experience of seventeen years in well-established industrial concerns, on whose behalf I have been touring the various parts of the country as their representation. I had to leave the last job, as my testimonials show, on account of the dissolution of the firm where I worked, due to various reasons. May I hope that you will be kind enough to entrust the mentioned job to the petitioner. If this wish materializes, I am sure; I will try to do my best to satisfy my superiors.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Adnan Ahmed


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