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Dangi virus is dengue ns1 type virus. That attacks on humans and reduces platelets count rapidly. Dengue virus fever is also known as the bone breaking fever.

Dengue Mosquito

Dengue Mosquito

Common symptoms of dengue fever may include

  1. Vomiting
  2. Internal bleeding in from various part of body
  3. Coffee ground vomiting
  4. High fever

Dengue Fever In Pakistan – Dengue Ka Bukhar

Dengue virus hit Lahore a week before and still now more 465 patients are admitted in the several hospitals of Lahore. The chief minister said steps were being taken on war footing for eradication of dengue and government would fight this war everywhere, houses, offices, schools, public places and parks.

The chief minister said provision of every possible medical and other facilities were being insured for the dengue patients treatment and machinery were also being imported for dengue cure. He said more than 100 laboratories are being mobilized. These laboratories will perform the dengue virus test.

The chief minister said that the dengue fever test (tests for dengue) fee has been fixed Rs. 90 in private laboratories which will provide relief to the people. However no leniency should be shown to those private laboratories who are over charging for the dengue virus test.

Dengue ns1 – Dengue Fever Information In Urdu


Dengue Fever Information In Urdu

Dengue Fever Information In Urdu

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