standard Ebola Virus Outbreak In Pakistan, Ebola Symptoms and Ebola In Pakistan

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Ebola Virus Disease:

Ebola Virus disease is a disease that is caused by Ebola virus and known as EVD. An Ebola virus disease spreads from animals to humans and humans to humans. There is no cure of this virus or the fever created by this virus.

Ebola virus Disease Symptoms:

Symptoms of Ebola appear after two days or in a weak after infection of virus. The common symptoms are fever vomiting; swellings around neck, pain in joints are very first and common symptoms.

The severe symptoms of the Ebola virus disease are bleeding from nose to mouth, lose motions and high fever. Ebola virus has an effect on kidneys and liver. For this reason doctors advice Liver function test and Serum creatinine and urea for proper functioning of Kidneys and Liver.

How Death Occurs In The Ebola Patient?

The death of Ebola virus patient occurs due to internal bleeding from all organs in the body. These are the final symptoms that occurs in the Ebola virus disease patient. When this symptom appears there are 0.5% chances of survival of the patient.

How Ebola Virus Spread?

Ebola virus spread from the blood of the infected person and from other secretions of the infected persons. Bat and jungle bats are the common way to spread this virus from humans to humans and humans to animals. Sexual intercourse with the humans is the other way to spread the virus. The bats which become infected, dock the Ebola disease, contaminating themselves, and the FRUIT.. Monkeys eat the sick bats, or the contaminated fruit. Hunters go after the monkeys, kill them, eat a portion, and sell the rest.


How Ebola Virus Disease is Treated?

According to WHO there is no specific treatment for the Ebola virus however till the end of year 2014-15 two possible vaccine will be available for the Ebola virus disease. Ebola virus patient is skept in the isolated ward and fluid therapy is given for at least 30 days with some antiviral like Favipiravir, BCX4430 Brincidofovir and Lamivudine.

The ministry of health and National Health Services Regulations and Coordination has issued a warning that there are chances of Ebola to be spread from the flights and people coming from African countries. Government should implement serious precautionary measures at all airports, seaports, and entrance and exit points to control the prevalence Ebola disease.

Ebola Virus Disease In Urdu:

Ebola Virus In Pakistan

Ebola Virus In Pakistan

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