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Resume or Curriculum Vitae is the brief introduction of a candidate skills, education and personal information. The effective resume is the key to give you an interview call. The perfect resume also helps recruiters to hire the best and suitable candidate for the job. Here are some of the professional resume writing tips that you can use and apply. Using these professional resume writing tips will help you to create modern resume. You can be the skilled resume writer.

Resume Design is the Key Element:

Design is the key element in your resume. The design should be modern and plain. You should write short English. You should avoid writing all the detailed addresses and all of your phone numbers. It is very common that candidate has three or four cell phone number and then they mention each and every number in the resume. Never load every piece of information in your resume. This shows lack of confidence in your resume. Just write a single contact number in your resume. Your resume should contain detailed summary of career. Many reviewer just focus on the summary in your resume.

Resume Page Background:

Background gives the best impression. Avoid using dark background and heavy color scheme in your resume. The color scheme should be clean and optimized for best reading experiences.

Modern Resume Design:

The design of resume should be clean and clear. Do you know how much time a resume reviewer take to read your resume (10 to 15 Second). They guess or judge about you in a very short period of time and make decision about you either you should be short listed or not. Modern resumes has a cover letter attached with the resume.

What to focus in Resume?

The key focus of an employer or a resume reviewer is that how your skills should be beneficial for the company/organization progress. The other things like salary comes second. The primary concern of the employer is that what benefits they will get if they hire you? It will not take more than minute for them to understand all this while reading your resume. So, you should have your achievement in past employment should be BOLD and highlighted in modern fashion.


What no to Focus in Resume?

Probably, this will be question in your mind that what should not be emphasized in your resume. Your address, awards, and additional certificates that are non-relevant to the job description that is advertised. Such irrelevant information in your resume will not only downgrade your position but will also make you face a lot of other questions during the interview.

What is the biggest mistake in Resume?

Adding your picture in your resume is the biggest mistake in today’s job market. Your picture can give you -90% score in resume review. However if you are a fashion model then it can give you plus points. But for the traditional jobs like HR. Assistant, Sales Executive, IT Engineer and other jobs like it, you will get -90% score if you are adding your picture to your resume.

Using Professional Word in your Resume:

Always use professional words in your resume. Avoid using passive voice in your resume. Write tiny, tidy and clean sentences in your resume. Lengthy sentences make your resume complicated and there is a bigger chance of grammar mistakes. All you need is to get reader’s attention in first few seconds.

Give solutions to the Problem:

Why a company is advertising for job? What makes them to hire a new person? The answer is quite simple they smell something wrong in the company progress or they want to extend or grow the business/organization. The best way to figure out what you should include, go back to the job description. Do your research, check the employer’s web site, and pick out the most important qualifications they’re seeking. When you write your summary, focus on showing that you possess the skills and attributes that employer needs.

Write and Error free Resume:

An effective resume is entirely error free. The mistakes in your resume will give wrong impression on the recruiter. The error free resume will give positive impression and there is huge chance of being interviewed or short-listed when you apply to a job with error free resume. To make your resume error free you need to read your resume again and again. You can also read aloud your resume in front of your friends or take help of your colleagues to remove errors from the resume.

So, an effective resume targets the company, their problem and job description. You need to present yourself as the solution to their problem. You are the person who can be the savior of the company. You connect yourself with the job description and earn reader’s attention.

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