standard Honda CD 70 C7HSA Spark Plug – NGK C7HSA Spark Plug

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Honda CD 70 is the most popular motorbike in the Pakistani Market. It is famous among young ones due to its performance, fuel efficiency and long life. Honda CD 70 uses C7HSA Spark Plug for its ignition (kick start method). The Kick is pushed down for 7” inches as recommended by Honda, then the magnet rotates to generate the spark for startup and then engine starts strokes in the 4 stroke order to continue the operations of Honda CD 70. The NGK Spark Plugs has its own standard and is upto mark. It is hard to find original NGK Spark plug in Local Pakistani Market. The quality of Spark Plug depends on the three factors.

  1. Solid Copper Core
  2. Zinc Dipped Shell
  3. Gasket Seal

Do you Know, What Iridium Spark Plug can Do?

How changing a single spark plug can boost the performance of Honda CD 70? Speed of Honda CD70 and Mileage of Honda CD 70 can be increased by changing the spark plug to the Iridium Spark plug. The iridium Spark plug for Honda CD 70 has three electrodes. The three electrodes of Iridium Spark plug provide superb spark in the Honda CD 70 cylinder of 72cm2. The Iridium spark plug also prevents Honda CD 70 Engine from overheating. The Iridium Three Electrode has 20% bigger flame kernel that regular C7HSA Spark Plug.

PS: The Iridium Three Electrode Spark Plug is also known as the Multi ground spark Plug.


Where to Buy Iridium Spark Plug for Honda CD 70?

Honda CD 70 Iridium Spark Plug can be purchased online via Ali Express.Com Website or you can buy in Lahore from Nela Gunbad Market.

Iridium Three Electrode Spark Plug

Three Electrode Spark C7HSA Plug

Three Electrode Spark C7HSA Plug Image Courtesy:Alibaba.Com

The Verdict:

The Iridium Three Electrode Spark Plug is far much better than common NGK C7HSA Spark Plug. It has better performance in terms of Speed. We bought Honda CD 70 Iridium Spark Plug online from Ali Express and tested it on following models.

  1. The Unique Motorcycle
  2. The Super Star SS-70
  3. The ZmXco Bike

The Super Start SS-70:

First Among all these three bike The Super Star SS-70 showed best performance in terms of speed and fuel performance.

So, readers go head get a Iridium Three Electrode Plug for your dream bike.

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